Can we all just get along? Just be kind. Be kind to our friends. Be kind to our family. Be kind to one another.

This blog is not intended as a 'parenting or mom blog' but as a parent with a topic weighing heavy on my heart, I feel like this is an outlet worth using to share. At its core, this topic does tie back into mindfulness. Being mindful of the words we say or actions we take and how they can affect those around us.

As a mom of an elementary school aged boy, I know that bullying in the classroom is likely inevitable in this day and age. Unfortunately, I didn't think that it would begin so soon and it just breaks my momma heart. Over the last couple of weeks, we've had some unfortunate and upsetting incidents at school in which my son was on the receiving end of bullying.

To the other mom that may have gotten word of bullying in the classroom, whether your child was on the receiving or giving end, I see you. I recognize you and mom-to-mom, I'm telling you...let's love on our kids. Comfort them. Give them a kiss. Hug them tightly and tell them it will be okay. Tell them that mean words hurt. Talk to them about threats and how threats might make others feel. Let's build them up. Provide them ways to increase their self-confidence so they don't feel like they need to use others in order to make themselves feel better.

We all parent differently. There is no 'right' way but we can all be kind. We can choose love. We can lift each other up rather than tear each other down. Kids are too young to have to deal with this. It's our place to raise them right and provide them the love and care to know that this world can be a better place.

Coincidentally, I just finished reading the chapter of 'Parenthood' in Gretchen Rubin's Happier at Home and it seemed fitting. In a portion of the chapter, she discusses teasing and how it can have more negative weight than most realize. Even teasing at home when we think we are being playful with one another, those words can hurt or have other repercussions. And, that can be where it starts, unintentionally, with a parent jokingly teasing their child with seemingly harmless statement ('are you really going to wear that shirt and those pants together?!') but then it transfers over to interactions with friends or classmates. She ends the chapter with 'the only person I can change is myself'. Think about that as we are interacting with our children. What are they picking up from us at home? What can we do differently do help raise them to be more loving and kind? If we want those things for our children, it's up to us to help provide that to them.

I do believe that kids inherently want to do good. Our kids can be good if they are given the right support, care, and love from their family, friends and/or other support people. As parents, let's do better than good. Our kids deserve great. Our kids deserve love.

Be kind. Kind to our kids. Kind to one another. You need it. I need it. Our kids definitely need it.