How were your workouts this week, what did you do? Moving our bodies is so important to our mental and physical health. For me, it is a high priority that I get exercise in five-six days per week. I physically feel better, am in a better mood, have more patience, sleep more soundly and gain confidence in myself week after week from spending time in the gym. Your workouts might look different than mine and that is 100% okay as long as you are doing something. You might do yoga four days a week, Zumba or Crossfit. Maybe you just walk the dog every evening and are working up to something more. Workouts can take all shapes and sizes which is one of the best things about them. I like to share my workouts with you as a way for you to think of new ideas for your own exercise routine, be inspired to try something new or even begin a workout regimen in general.

For me, this was a busy workout week as I am in the final few days heading into next weekend's half marathon. I logged quite a bit of running this week combined with some additional cardio, strength training and yoga.

It was my second of my two-week trial at Hatha Yoga & Fitness. While I missed my routine MWF Bodyflow class and classmates, it was fun to change things up a little and sample a few different classes at Hatha the last few days. I went to flow yoga once again and then also tried out HIIT, sculpt flow yoga, barre and meditation. The studio offers a really nice variety of yoga, cardio and strength classes that you can read all about in the next week or two when my Hatha feature post goes live. I learned through sculpt flow and barre to never underestimate the power of two-five pound weights. With the right exercise move, you don't need much weight to add a killer burn. Meditation might have been the hardest workout of them all. I'm only half kidding but sitting for twenty five minutes alone with your breathe and thoughts is not easy. I've been meditating for quite awhile now and even still, I found it challenging. However, while challenging yes, it was awesome. Meditating is quite powerful once you allow yourself to be with the practice and surrender to your time on the mat.

The last few days have been the biggest days mileage wise for my upcoming half. I actually veared a little bit from the schedule and logged two long runs this week. I did the scheduled nine miles last Sunday (actually did nine and a half) and then ran this Sunday's scheduled long run of ten miles on Thursday (actually did eleven). We are supposed to get another big snowstorm this weekend as well as frigid cold temperatures. I knew that even if the snow wasn't too bad it would be too cold to do my long run outside on Sunday and I couldn't fathom eleven miles indoors so I mixed up the plan a bit and got it done this week. I'll probably get in the five miles I would have done Thursday on Sunday instead and then begin tappering down the mileage from there. I honestly can't believe that my half marathon is next weekend. It feels like I just began training and here we are with one week to go. I follow the Hal Higdon Novice 1 half marathon plan and it is super helpful in keeping my on task with my weekly runs. I've used this program the last four half marathons and it has never failed me. It designed for beginners but seeing that I seem to always wait a few years in between races, it's perfect for me. I knew signing up for a half in January that I'd be training throughout the winter but with the exception of the last week it really hasn't been to bad weather-wise. I felt really great to get those last eleven miles in giving me a boost of confidence heading into next week. If I can do eleven, I can definitely do thirteen point one.

I'll share Monday's Chest & Back details below but I didn't do my typical leg or Biceps, Triceps & Shoulders days. With the classes I took at Hatha this week, I subbed those out for my normal strength training routine. Through HIIT, sculpt flow and Barre I got a pretty good leg and upper body workout than any extra on top of that would have been too much. I'll also be taking upper and lower body strength training off next week's workouts as I begin tapering down before the half marathon. Instead I'll add in a little more balance, core and flexibility training. I want my body to be completely ready to run and not be dealing with any extra fatigue from lifting weights.

Chest & Back
Cable Single Arm Lat Row, 3 sets of 10, 40lbs
Cable Chest Fly, 3 sets of 10, 20lbs
Cable Single Arm Lat Pull, 3 sets of 10, 30lbs
Cable Single Arm Chest Press, 3 sets of 10, 30lbs
Barbell Good Mornings, 3 sets of 10, 20lbs
Pushups, 2 sets of 10, last set failure 21 (+1 last week)

And, just in case, you haven't had a chance to move yet this week, what are you waiting for?! Here is a quick circuit you can do today or this weekend to get in a little sweat session!

Complete the entire circuit once or up to three times. Perform each exercise for thirty seconds with fiften seconds rest.

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Squat to Lunge
  • Pushups
  • Wall Sit
  • Jab Punch (two leg stance alternating right and left air punches)
  • Plank
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Single Leg Squat Touchdown (balance one leg, squat and touch opposite hand to toes)

Have a great weekend friends!! Stay warm and cozy, especially those of us here in the Midwest!