Happy Fitness Friday!

It has been a great week. With Labor Day and a couple days of travel, I had the opportunity to mix things up a little bit which is never a bad thing when it comes to working out. Keeping your body on its toes and cutting out the predictability of your exercise can help push through limits as well as any strength building and/or weight loss plateaus you may have reached.

Rest Day
Turbofire 45
Straight up Strength @ FitFlexFly
Bodyflow/Grit Cardio

This week I tried the one hour Bodyattack and Grit Cardio classes for the first time. I've taken the express Bodyattack several times now which is just 30 minutes. Usually after 30, I am spent so was curious how a full hour would play out. Well, loved it! There was a little more variety and additional body weight strength exercises built in that you just can't get in just 30 minutes. I will be back for sure. I took Grit Strength for the first time last week and had been wanting to try the Grit Cardio version. It worked out this week to give that a go and I also really liked that one. It's nice because you have the freedom to work at your own pace and can take the exercises to your fitness level while still having the motivation of the instructor and class to push a little more and try a little harder.

I love my Beachbody On Demand subscription for times like this week that the gym isn't in the cards. It was closed on Monday this week for Labor Day and since I still wanted my Monday workout, I choose an old favorite, Turbofire 45 for a quick kickboxing session. You can never go wrong with a Chalene Johnson workout!

Midweek I traveled to Indianapolis to visit a couple former coworkers that were in town for an event. After trying out Boothcamp Gym while in Nashville, I made it a goal of mine that if I'm visiting a city I should try to hit up the local gym to get a taste of what they have to offer. FitFlexFly in Indy was awesome! Highly recommend it if you are a local or passing through. It's a super cool studio that offers literally a little bit of everything. They have a spin room, Woodway treadmills, large space for personal training/group fitness and a new infrared heated studio for yoga and other classes. I took the Straight Up Strength class which was full body strength workout using bodyweight, kettlebells, bodybars, and TRX. It was a very challenging, yet fun workout. The team there was so inviting and I felt right at home from the minute I walked it. It felt like I had been working out with the group all year.

Bodyflow is one of my all time favorite Les Mills classes. It is a combination of tai chi, yoga and pilates, pretty much the perfect blend of strength, stretch and relaxation. I make sure to get to this class at least a couple of times per week. It is one of the best.

Between the intense ab work in CX this week coupled with the abs using TRX, I am feeling it today. Definitely a good feeling to feel a little sore sometimes. Makes you know you worked hard. I will be taking advantage of a rainy weekend to squeeze in a little extra rest and couch time these next couple of days. They are well deserved.

Did you workout this week? What did you do to sweat?