If you've been following along my social media, then you know that I recently spent summer vacation in Hilton Head Island (HHI), South Carolina. HHI is one of my favorite places to visit and this is our second year in a row spending a week in this beautiful place. Today's weekly workouts post is dedicated to all the workouts I did throughout my vacation. The trip was jam packed with all kinds of travel workout goodness that I'm excited to share!

To set the stage, this journey of travel workouts (outside of the hotel) actually started exactly one year ago on our way to last year's Hilton Head trip. I'm an avid fan of the Bachelor franchise and, when Bachelorette alum Shawn Booth opened his own gym, Boothcamp, in Nashville (our first pitstop en route to HHI), I absolutely had to give it a try! It was one of the hardest workouts I'd ever done but it kickstarted this whole travel workout adventure. Since that first visit to Boothcamp Gym, I have visited so many fun and different places. Looking up places to workout where I'm traveling is just as much part of my vacation research as finding a place to stay, eat, drink and shop.  

My year of travel workouts came full circle as we road tripped to HHI once again this year with our first stop being none other than Nashville! I booked myself in the 7:30am class with instructor and co-founder of Boothcamp (BC), Jordan Peters, and it was every bit as challenging as my first ever BC experience. It was full-body fun Friday and we worked literally everything from head to toe. I was sweating and breathing open mouthed about three minutes into the warm-up and continued doing so for the next fifty minutes but loved every single second. The environment at Boothcamp is very much focused on teamwork and you feel that spirit the second you walk into the gym. BC gym is a must stop for my workout friends and if you love Bachelor, that's just icing on the cake! Shawn and team are super friendly and welcoming making guests like myself feel like part of the BC team right from the beginning. I'm already looking forward to my next visit to Nashville just so I can get in another BC workout!

A sweaty mess post full-body Friday class with instructor and co-founder Jordan.
WOD for Boothcamp Day 389. It was a doozy.

Our second pitstop en route to HHI took us to Savannah and instead of booking a class through a local gym, I took to the streets for a three mile run around town. It was a hot and humid run, even at 7am in the morning, but it was fun to sightsee as I ran through one of my favorite US cities. I scoped out places to grab a cup of coffee, eat breakfast and shop for souvenirs during our short stay in Savannah. If you're traveling and workout a gym isn't in the cards, consider getting outside for a run. It's a great way to explore a city you're visiting and it costs nothing, except maybe a lot of sweat!!

Hot and humid but so, so happy.

As for my workouts on the island, I did a lot of research ahead of time to scope out local gyms and tentatively plan out where I'd workout for the week. I like to use good old Google and Google Maps for my gym research. Once I've got an idea of where I want to go, I scout out their Instagram and other social media to get an idea of what I might expect. I'll also explore which places offer free trial classes or are willing to give a discount to out-of-town visitors.

The week started out strong at CycleBar, an indoor cycling studio on the island. I attended the Classic style class with a dedicated Drake mashup playlist. It was an intense 45 minute ride on the bike, but our instructor (and studio owner) Katie made it really fun and the time flew right by. Katie was encouraging the entire class pushing the class to reach certain cycling metrics throughout the ride. CycleBar also uses a weighted bar near the end of class for some upper body strength work and, MAN, I'm not sure how much that bar weighed but it seriously felt like 50lbs by the time we got to that portion of class. I was spent! Seriously amazing workout and such a friendly staff!

Post class with studio owner Katie. 
CycleBar studio.

Next up, my husband (bless his heart!) and I checked out Reebok CrossFit Coastal Carolina for a CrossFit Burner workout. This was my husband's first ever time doing CrossFit so I was super proud and stoked he decided to get up at 6am to join me for this class. The Burner workout of the day (WOD) was led by box co-owner Whitney and it might have been one of the top ten hardest workouts I've ever done. We worked through five rounds of full-body exercises sandwiched in between two 400m runs with a bonus round of 100 (L-R 1, so essentially 200) mountain climbers. OMG, I'm tired just recalling that workout. I was DONE; dripping sweat and so exhausted heading into those mountain climbers and last run but I managed to get through the entire thing in one piece. Another wonderfully welcoming crew and a fun workout. And yes, I have a warped sense of what I consider 'fun'.

Somehow smiling after that challenging WOD.

I had promised a beach sunrise watch and seashell searching with my big kiddo, so Wednesday's workout took me out of the gym and onto the beach. While we watched the sun come up, I did my own circuit workout with the most amazing ocean and sunrise views. My oldest joined in for a few moves but then played quietly in the sand while I got in a quick workout.

Of all my travel workouts (maybe except Boothcamp) I was most excited for Thursday's workout at Row House Hilton Head. I incorporate the rower in a lot of my own workouts but had never been to a rowing studio so I was pretty stoked to check this place out. Rowing is a fantastic low-impact workout that's designed to build muscle, endurance and strengthen the core all while burning a ton of calories. I attended the HOUSE class which alternated rowing intervals with functional full-body exercises on the floor. Considering I'd only ever rowed for a couple minutes at a time, I was surprised how fast this 45 minute class went. We were only off the erg a couple times for the floor work and the remainder of class was spent rowing through various intervals with varying intensity. Our instructor Kelley was super helpful showing me the ropes and helping me to get my rowing technique down before class began. I'll definitely be back to check out Row House again!

Row House rowing studio.

On Friday I finished my week with a fun and challenging HIIT workout at local gym LAVA24. This gym hadn't actually been in my list prior to visiting HHI, but I had been told by a couple boutique owners that it was an awesome place worth checking out. I'm SO glad that I did! The Metaburn class was jam packed with a variety of circuit stations set up in a HIIT format. I got to try out some new-to-me equipment during the workout which was equally exciting and intimidating. LAVA24 had an elevated rower which was so much fun but even more fun (and difficult) was the WAVE machine. I had never seen or tried anything like it but once I got the hang of it, it was honestly one of my favorite stations during the class! The instructor Julie was super helpful, showed me around the facility and introduced me to the aforementioned equipment that I'd never used before. Another great group of people to workout with and I definitely finished the week on a high note!

These elevated rowers were AWESOME!!
The WAVE, my new favorite piece of fitness equipment!

As for this week, despite sticking with my workouts throughout vacation, I found it difficult to pick back up with my normal workout schedule. Nonetheless, I got in five solid workouts with a lot of cycling and full-body strength work and finally, FINALLY!, made it back to Bodyflow, which I had missed so much. Now it's time to head into the weekend feeling strong and re-energized.

Happy weekending friends!!