Okay gang, today's post is for me just as much as it is for you. I've taken a couple weeks off from my typical 'talk about what I did for workouts last week' post, but I kind of miss it so today I'm bringing it back. It helps for my own accountability and if I can inspire or motivate at least one other person as it relates to their individual workout routine that makes me happy.

That being said, let's talk about this week! It's been an awesome week for workouts with a lot of variety, including visiting a new gym for October's feature gym of the month.

My week started strong with my YMCA fam for Adult Cross Training (ACT) class which has quickly become a new favorite of mine. It's one of those classes that for so long I was intimidated and a little scared of trying it but now I absolutely love it! Monday's class was intense with what felt like a million burpees. In truth, it was only 105 burpees but, let's be honest, anything over 20 feels like a million. We coupled burpees with planks and kettlebell swings with wall sits and OMG I was sore from this workout for a good three days after the fact. You never know what to expect with ACT but that's why I like it and kind of adds to the fun! Plus everyone in class is so awesome and the instructors are great as well! If you're local and a member of the Y, I highly recommend giving this class a shot! It's an early one...5:15am but then you're done and ready to conquer your day before the sun has even come up!

And, speaking of not knowing what to expect...Tuesday and Friday I had the opportunity to visit UAVE CrossFit for October's featured gym of the month. I'd been to a couple CrossFit gyms over the last year but it's still a little unnerving because 1) I know it will be hard 2) it's a new place that I've never been too and 3) even though I'm not completely new to CrossFit, I still have no idea what I'm getting myself into because every workout is different. I'm not going to spoil the upcoming blog post all about UAVE, but I will tell you this...I thoroughly enjoyed my visit there this week. Everyone was so nice, friendly and welcoming. The workouts were hard, but I left feeling proud and accomplished for stepping outside my comfort zone and trying something different.

Wednesday was quite possibly my favorite workout day of the week because I got to feed my latest obsession, boxing, at CU Women's Boxing. If you recall, CU Women's Boxing was September's featured gym and I loved it so much that I became a member. This week's class was my second as an "actual' member and I absolutely love this gym! I would have never thought boxing would make its place in my regular workout routine, nor be one of my favorite workouts, but here we are. Proof that you never know what you like until you try it!

Thursday was a well deserved rest day because after all the intensity of the previous workouts, I needed it! I enjoyed sleeping in, you know until 6:30 #momlife, and having a lazy day. Rest days are so important and while I don't often take them during the week sometimes it is just what's needed to finish the week strong. I no doubt had a better workout Friday because I took the previous day to rest. Whether you take them during the week or reserve them for the weekend, definitely make sure to incorporate a rest day or two into your weekly routine.

Noticeably missing from the week was yoga and BODYFLOW. Between my husband traveling, taking care of the kids and the other workouts throughout the week, I wasn't able to add these into the mix. I have definitely missed the extra stretch and relaxation I get from these classes so I'm already looking forward to bringing them back next week!

Oh, and I almost forgot! On Tuesday, as if the CrossFit class wasn't enough...I joined my friend Tasha for stadium stairs at Memorial Stadium. It was a fun little challenge getting as many rounds of stairs done in about 25 minutes. I was able to knock out the entire east side of the stadium. I'm grateful to have friends that push me and inspire me to try new things. Stadium stairs was a great cardio and lower body workout! I'm already loooking forward to doing this again and maybe shooting to complete the entire stadium (on a day I don't have double workouts!).

On the docket for this weekend is a group fitness class that I'm leading in my neighborhood Saturday followed by another fabulous rest day on Sunday! It's looking to be a fun fall-filled weekend here complete with cool weather, football, tailgating, haunted houses and pumpkin patches. I cannot wait! Well, except for the haunted house. I'm legit scared of it but in the spirit of being BRAVE, I'm going to go!

I hope you have an amazing weekend! Enjoy all the fall things, maybe get in a workout or enjoy some well deserved rest!