Brand new week, brand new routine.

This past week started off strong, AND sweaty, with the first ever Saturday Sweat CU, an event I co-hosted with fellow gal pals and local women entrepreneurs Lindsay Brown owner/creator of The Hidden Gym, Emma Reinbold owner/creator of Just BEE Acai and Maggie Farchmin owner/creator of 618 Events. I am grateful not only to be in the company of these talented ladies, but given the opportunity to put this event together and see it all come to life. It was everything we could have hoped it would be and more!

First ever Saturday Sweat CU Crew

It was SO AMAZING to see the community come together on what turned out to be the most gorgeous summer day. The event kicked off with a 45-minute full body workout led by Lindsay and myself followed by, the always delicous, acai bowls from Just BEE Acai and cold brew coffee. We were pleasantly surprised with the tremendous turnout (just shy of 50 people) as well as the demand and requests for the next one. As far as that goes, I'm excited to say the four of us will be getting together next week to begin planning round two!

As for the workout itself, it was full body hitting everything from top to bottom, cardio and core. Lindsay and I designed it AMRAP style (you know I love these workouts...see this week's #MoveItMonday) which allowed all fitness levels to participate and work at a pace that suited each individual. It was also a bodyweight only workout meaning you too could do this workout absolutely anywhere, because it requires zero equipment! Check out the photos below and save the workout to try out for yourself!

4RDS/8 minutes each round. Repeat the four exercises within each round until time is up the move onto the next!
L-R, Lindsay, Maggie, me & Emma.
I mean, every workout should end with these.
Such a hardworking group! So proud of this crew!

The remainder of this week was a little bit of the same with a few twists tossed in. I decided to switch up my typical Monday routine of Flow plus Back & Biceps for ACT (Adult Cross Training). Because ACT has a heavy focus on strength but I don't always know what kind of strength, I'm going to use the class on Monday to help set up the rest of my week as far as strength training days go. As for this week, Monday's ACT was all legs (which are finally recovering, by the way) so I made Wednesday an upper body only day and left Friday for full body. I'm still prioritizing yoga and Flow so I made sure to get to Bodyflow three times plus a couple additional days of cardio.

I'm looking forward to trying out this new routine throughout the fall. It's always a good idea to mix up your workouts every now and again. One, it helps avoid the boredom trap from doing the same old things and two, it's actually beneficial for your body to switch things up on a regular basis. You've probably heard of the term plateau in the fitness or 'diet' world meaning at some point you stop seeing progress and the changes you desire. Continually switching up your fitness routine will help combat against hitting those plateaus and it just makes working out more exciting and fun!

In other exciting news, one of my workouts this week was the intro session at CU Women's Boxing which is going to be September's gym feature of the month. I've never done actual (not kickboxing) boxing, so I'm getting out of my comfort zone with this one. Even still, I am super excited to try out somewhere new and share it with all of you! If last night's intro session is any indicator, boxing is going to be pretty tough, a lot of fun and give me some seriously sore arms. I can't wait! Lots more to come over the next few weeks!

A sea of handwraps post boxing session.

Have a great weekend friends! Remember to get up, get out and move your body. Your mind AND body will thank you!