The theme for this week: OUTDOOR WORKOUTS!

My home gym, Stephen's Family YMCA, closes every year for one week in late August to do a full deep clean/maintenance update throughout the entire facility. Because of this, gymgoers like myself don't have access to any equipment or usual weekly classes held inside the gym. This year, however, the team at the Y created a mini group fitness schedule and held a few classes in the parking lots/surrounding areas just outside the gym and it just might have been the funnest (is that a word?!) week all summer!

Not only did I get to workout in the great outdoors this week, but I also used it as an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and try a new class! ACT (Adult Cross Training) is a pretty popular class that despite it being on the schedule for as long as I've been a member, I'd never tried it. Since I usually do strength training after BODYFLOW, but didn't have access to the gym where I typically do said training, I decided I'd give ACT a shot. It was just as tough as I had suspected, but it was also a ton of fun. I ended up taking the class both Monday and Wednesday and I think I may end up taking up the Monday class on a regular basis as a result. We did full bodyweight workouts both days and even though I didn't pick up a single weight, I am feeling all the things as a result of those classes. As a bonus, since the class starts before FLOW, I was also able to attend the back half of FLOW just in time for all the stretches and meditation goodness. Total win.

That cotton candy, sunrise sky though...

BODYATTACK was also on the mini schedule for Tuesday and Thursday mornings so I got my typical cardio days in, no problem! We worked through all the dense air, fog, humidity and heat all while having a sweaty fun time! I think it would be fun to take ATTACK outside more often even when the Y is open for business. It was a nice change of scenery and there's just something to be said about working out early while watching the sun come up. It's hard to describe the feeling of peace and grounding while also breathing heavy and sweating buckets, but it was pretty awesome and I'd definitely do it all over again!

Friday morning I decided to keep it a little low key sticking with BODYFLOW only and it was the perfect end to an already great week. I've always loved outdoor yoga so without a doubt FLOW outside was amazing. It's so calming to start the day outside in the fresh air while the sun is rising and getting a full body stretch, a bit of strength and total relaxation to start the day off right.

While it's wasn't done as an outdoor workout (though it definitely could be), this week I had a fun opportunity to do a Facebook LIVE for a friend of mine's wellness group and I shared a unique workout using just a hand/kitchen towel. I had watched an exercise video on Instagram using a towel and thought I could totally create a workout like this! To make sure, I tested out the workout myself, had a couple of clients try a couple of the moves and instantly knew this would work! If you're interested in watching, you can check the FB LIVE here. I've also included the workout below for reference.

It might help to watch the LIVE to get a little clarity on some of the exercises, but I can assure you that you can get an excellent little workout using just a towel. You're arms and upper body will be feeling it FOR SURE!!

And, while it's not technically in this week's workout roundup, tomorrow is a super exciting outdoor workout that I absolutely cannot wait for! If you've been following on Facebook and Instagram, you might have seen a post or two for SATURDAY SWEAT and tomorrow is the big day! I'm co-hosting this workout event with some local women entreprenuer friends of mine, Lindsay creator/owner of The Hidden Gym, Emma creator/owner of Just BEE Acai and Maggie creator/owner of 618 Events. We've been working hard on bringing this to life over the last few months and I'm excited to wake up tomorrow and get our sweat on with the Champaign Urbana community! I got to share a little about the event on local news program, ciLiving this week and now, here we are, just one day away. If you're local, check out the event details and come on out! We'd love to see you there!

I hope your week was just as amazing as mine! If you need something to do this weekend, give that towel workout a whirl or come out out to SATURDAY SWEAT! It's going to be an amazing, fun and sweaty time!