It's the Friday after the 4th that kind of feels like a Monday but, hey, it's the weekend people so let's keep this party going! I'm going to keep this weekly workout post short and sweet due to the holiday weekend and all its festivities, but in any case, it's been a pretty fun week of workouts around here!!

I've spent a lot of this week at Fitness Premier Champaign as they are my July featured gym of the month. To hear all the details about my experiences there, you'll have to sit tight as that post will be coming live in the next week or two! Suffice to say though, it's a great space with all the necessities and some nice extra value adds that I can't wait to share!

Since my home gym, the YMCA, was closed yesterday for the holiday I visited my friends at Infinite CU for their Freedom Workout. If you recall, Infinite CU was June's featured gym. It was a blast to be back with that crew. They are such a fun group of people to workout with! The workout was so intense that even my fingertips were sweating. When I finished, I couldn't turn the workout off on my iWatch, my fingertips were that sweaty! That is a sign of a GOOD workout! I'm so grateful for friendships I've made over this experience of visiting new gyms in the community, even if it means getting together for a grueling workout!

And, side note, if you want to totally burn your arms and chest out, check out the Bring Sally Up workout challenge. We did this with pushups/high plank but you could do almost anything, squat, leg lifts, shoulder press, etc. It's designed around the lyrics of the song. For example, when the lyrics say 'bring sally up' you perform the 'up' phase of the exercise like high plank and when lyrics change to 'bring sally down' you perform AND HOLD the 'down' portion of the exercise which in this case was a pushup. I don't know how many times we did this but it seemed as if the song was never going to end. A total upper body burner for sure!

I hope you have a great holiday this week and are doing something fun to continue the celebrations into the weekend! We've got a couple more barbeques and fireworks parties to attend! In the meantime, check out my strength training details from Monday and Wednesday's workouts if you need a little inspiration of your own!

Back & Biceps

1000m row

Superset 3x
TRX Row, 12 reps
Rope Pull, 45 seconds

Superset 3x
TRX Bicep Curl, 10 reps
Kettlebell Curl, 20lbs, 10 reps

Lat Pushdown, 10 reps, 27.5lbs, 3x
Barbell Wide Grip Curl, 10 reps, 30lbs, 3x

Superset 3x
Assisted Pullup Machine, 10 reps, 100lbs
Kettlebell Swings, 15 reps, 20lbs

Shoulders Triceps & Chest
Entire circuit 3x

Arm Circles Forward & Back 60 seconds each
Upright Row, 10 reps, 15lbs
Downdog Pushup, 10 reps
Goal Post Hold Shoulder Press, 20 reps, 15lbs
Pushups, 10 reps
Front to Side Raise, 10 reps, 5lbs
Pike Pushup, 8 reps