Repeat after me. I can do hard things. I CAN do hard things.

Even though my workouts this week were pretty much status quo...spin, flow, strength, cardio and repeat, I tried to push myself into my discomfort zone more than a couple times over the last few days.

While I love to have a steady routine heading into the week, I also love and thrive off the challenge of working beyond where I am comfortable within that routine. Know this though, it was not always this way and even now each day/week is not always this way. It's a constant conversation that I have with myself sometimes minutes before I start my workout.

Let's talk about Tuesday morning for example. I often rotate between some sort of cardio on Tuesday's. I went to bed Monday night with all intention of cycling Tuesday morning. When I woke up I changed my mind and was going to do BODYATTACK (an athletic training cardio class), but then I got to the gym and thought if I wanted to push myself farthest into my discomfort zone then GRIT would be the best way to do that. GRIT is a 30 minute HIIT workout that is one of the most intense classes I've ever taken. Trust me, cycling and BODYATTACK are not easy. They are HARD. But, there's something about GRIT that pushes me past my edge every time.

In any case, I showed up. I knew it would be challenging, especially when the instructor slightly smiled and laughed when he asked if I'd done the new release yet. But, this is why I was there. Because I can do hard things. Even when I don't want to. Even when I want to quit. Even when I am moving slower than half of the class.

And, you guys, I did it. I did the hard thing. I didn't quit. I sometimes moved slower than others but I kept moving.

So here is my takeaway for you: YOU too can do hard things.

You might not want too.

You often won't want too.

You might fail.

So what?

Life is hard. Workouts are hard. They should be (often enough). Not doing the hard thing doesn't make life easier. It takes a little courage but it's worth trying. You will be suprised at how the small changes you make outside your comfort zone add up to big changes and improvements over time.

Before you know it, you will want to do the hard thing. You will seek it out. You will encourage others. That is my hope for you. I believe in you and I know you've got it in you.

Next week, I am encouraging you to try something that puts you in your discomfort zone. I want you to get uncomfortable. Try something new. Work through a difficult challenge you've been facing. Overcome an obstacle that's been standing in your way. Think past the limiting beliefs you have told yourself in the past. Put on a brave face and give it a try. I think you'll be surprised at how far you will go.

I hope you have had a great week of workouts! If you're looking for some new strength training ideas, keep reading for full details on this week's strength sessions. Maybe you'll find something that makes you a little uncomfortable, that'd be an excellent place to start!!

Happy Fitness Friday friends, let's get ready to start the weekend!!!

Back & Biceps

Pyramid Superset 10 --> 1
Row kcal
Bicep curl, 12lbs

Assisted Pullup with Band, 6 reps, 4x

TRX Row, 10 reps
TRX Bicep Curl, 10 reps

Single Leg Cross Body Curl, 10 reps, 10lbs, 3x
Rear Delt Machine, 10 reps, 30lbs, 3x


24 Reverse Lunges
12 Barbell Deadlift, 45lbs
30 seconds pulse squat

20 Plia Squat with Plate, 25lbs
10 Hip Thrust with Plate Exercise Ball, 25lbs
30 seconds plank

5min AMRAP
10 TRX Squat
30 seconds wall sit

Shoulders, Triceps & Chest

Pyramid Superset 20 --> 2
Row kcal
Chest Press, Red Band

Tricep Pushdown Cable, 8 reps, 40lbs, 3x
Cable Face Pulls, 10 reps, 30lbs, 3x
TRX Tricep, 10 reps, 3x
Assisted Pushup, 10 reps, 3x, Green Band
Upright Row, 10 reps, 35lbs, 3x