If you've been reading this blog for awhile now you know that I enjoy a travel workout! In fact, I love to get in a travel workout so much that it's one of the factors that I take into consideration during trip planning including hotel selection. Just as much as I love to find new restaurants to try, breweries to explore, places to shop, activities for the kids, I love searching out local gyms at places I'm visiting. This 'hobby' started last summer when I visited Boothcamp Gym in Nashville on our road trip to Hilton Head Island and it hasn't let up since. I've since visited several fun places such as the TRX Training Center in San Francisco, CrossTown Fitness in Chicago, Wanderlust Yoga in Austin and F3 in Indianapolis.

And, while I LOVE working out local, sometimes that isn't in the cards but that doesn't mean that I can't still get in a great workout while on the road! Hotel gyms have been stepping it up lately with spacious fitness centers, upgraded equipment and amenties such as free headphones, cooling towels and fresh fruit/water. Our hotel in St. Louis last weekend, St. Louis Union Station Hotel was no exception. They had two Peloton bikes, TRX equipment, several other cardio machines including a rower, weight racks and tons of additional space for whatever your workout demands.

Inside the fitness center at the St. Louis Union Station Hotel
Love when the hotel fitness center has a couple Peloton bikes!
Sweating on the bike while Blues fans are outside lining up for the celebration parade.

As you can see in the weekly workout rundown, I hit up the hotel gym on Saturday for a HIIT workout on the Peloton bike. It was fantastic! A quick 30 minute, high intensity spin session that I followed up with my own St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup celebration inspired 7-minute workout. I'd much rather sacrifice a little extra morning sleep in order to get in that morning workout. I'm in a better mood and everyone around me benefits from it as well!

Beyond that hotel workout, the rest of the week was pretty much status quo, typical workout week....flow, strength, cardio and repeat. I like to mix up my cardio throughout the week to keep things different but other than that I follow pretty much the same setup changing out different strength exercises to keep my body guessing.

Would you be interested in more information about travel workouts, how to scope out and find a local gym and what exercises to do in the hotel gym? I think that could be an entire blog post in itself!

I hope you have had a great week of workouts! If you're looking for some new strength training ideas, keep reading to full details on this week's strength sessions.

Happy weekending!!!

Back & Biceps

Pyramid superset rower/resistance band row 20 ---> 2
kCal/Row green band

Assisted pullups 5 reps, 4x green/orange bands
Elevated bicep curl cable machine 8 reps, 20lbs 3x
Resistance band bicep curl, 8 reps, 3x red band


Resistance band walks 20 3x
Resistance band side kick 10/side 3x
Resistance band donkey kick 10/side 3x

Superset 3x
Kettlebell deadlift 10 reps, 25lbs
Kettlebell swing 10 reps, 25lbs

Supine hamstring curl 10 reps, 20 lbs 3x

Pyramid superset assisted single leg aquat/TRX aquat 10 ---> 2
Green Band

Shoulders Tricep & Chest

Superset 3x
Crossbody Lat Raise cable machine 8 reps, 10lbs
Tricep pushdown 10 reps, 30lbs

Superset 3x
Crossbody rear fly single arm 8 reps, 10lbs
Tricep pushup 5 reps

Pyramid superset kcal ower/elevated pushups 10 ---> 1

Superset 3x
Plate shoulder raise with turn 8 reps/5 turns
TRX tricep 8 reps