How is is already the last week of the month again?! September seemingly flew by in the blink of an eye. I decided for my last week of the month workout switch-up to go in a completely different direction. Usually this last week I switch up my lifting sessions and replace with Bodypump, but with a lot of travel in September, my body was telling me to take a more restorative approach to this week. I did just that and it was very welcomed and enjoyed.

Active Rest Day/1.5mi family hike
Beer and Yoga
Bodyflow/5mi walk
7mi walk
Bodyflow/2mi walk
Intermediate Yoga/4mi walk
Bodyflow/2mi walk

I made it to Bodyflow all three weekday mornings, beer and yoga on Sunday, Intermediate yoga on Thursday and instead of crazy cardio I did a lot of walking. To some, all that mileage might not seem all that restorative but for me it was. Taking a long walk is so relaxing and fairly easy on my body.

This was also the perfect week weather wise to spend a lot of time outside walking. Having a week of fall that actually feels like fall is such a welcoming treat. It had been awhile since I'd put in some miles and with the potential to do a half marathon in January I was curious how far my legs were willing to go. Turns out, with comfy tennis shoes and a podcast, I could walk for hours if the weather is right. Maybe next week, I'll add in some run/walk intervals to see if that idea of a half-marathon can become a reality. Eeek.

While I did miss lifting and the madness of Bodyattack and Grit, it did feel good to take it a bit little easier for a few days. Come next week, I'll have a renewed sense of energy and am already looking forward to getting back into my typical routine. Of course the Bodyflow and Yoga will be there week after week. I love those classes so much. They are such an integral part to my overall fitness and I can't believe I took such a long break from yoga the last few years.

What did you do to move and sweat this week? How were your workouts? Remember, there is no such thing as a bad workout. The only bad workout is the one you didn't do!