For the last few days, I have been a guest at Infinite CU for June's featured gym of the month. So, while there are a ton of great things I want to share about this week's workouts, you're going to have to wait until next week's blog post to hear all about it. Without spoiling too much, I'll tell you this...I have had a BLAST these past few days with the crew at Infinite CU! The workouts have been challenging yet fun at the same time. If, you know, you're like me, and consider hill runs, pistol squats and parking lot sprints fun. Surely everyone does, right!? The group has been super welcoming. I feel like I have been working out with old friends which is a total comfort heading into a completely new place with people you've never actually met before. It's been a wonderful experience and I can't wait to share more about it with you next week!

So...since I'm not going to get into most of what happened workout-wise in this week's post, let's talk about summer workouts/working out with kids. With summer break in full swing, has that caused any change or disruption to your weekly workout routine?

For me, I'm an early riser, I love to workout first thing in the morning and because of that, I often have my workout done and over with before the kids are off to school or sometimes even up for the day. As summer moves in and school is out for my big kid, my workout routine looks very much the same as it did pre-break. I know this isn't the case with everyone though. When summer break begins, schedules change and sometimes that can make workouts harder to fit in or manage while you're also keeping up with your kiddos throughout the day. Also, because I know that not everyone enjoys waking up before dawn for a workout, here are four (and a bonus) tips to continue your workout routine in the summer while the kids are out of school and the schedule has been turned upside down!

1) Workout with your kids.

Be prepared for the workout to look and feel a little different, but know that it still counts and the time spent with your kiddos is well worth it! Working out with your kids encourages them to learn and get in the habit of daily exercise. It also is great for your kids to see your desire to be healthy and exercise. Having the kids join in the workout hopefully will instill that same thought pattern in themselves. Some ideas for working out with the kiddos include walk, jog, or running together, playing a game of tennis, going on a hike or creating an outdoor bootcamp with fun cardio and body weight drills like sprints, shuffles, push-ups, skipping, etc.

2) Take advantage of park time.

The park is an excellent place for a workout so when your kiddo asks for play time at the local park, put on your tennis shoes and workout while they play! You might have to think a little outside of the box but you may be suprised how much playground equipment can be utilized in your workout. Park benches are great for step ups, knee ups, push-ups and/or tricep dips. Monkey bars can be used for arm hangs or pull-ups (I can't do one to save my life but I will never stop trying!). A swing can be used for ab/core work. The possibilities are endless!

3) Turn backyard play time into exercise.

A game of tag, a softball game, or just chasing after fly balls and picking up random toys can be a workout in and of itself. Utilize the time spent in the backyard to your advantage if you also need to get in a workout. Set up an obstacle course. Kids love that kind of stuff and you'll be able to exercise while they 'play'. Add some elements that you know they'll enjoy but then also add some stations that will make you all work a little bit.

4) Take advantage of childcare if your gym offers it.

If your gym offers childcare, use it! The kids will love burning off their energy while meeting and hanging out with other kids. More than likely, if you're visiting the same time daily, the kids will start to recognize familiar faces and have new friends that they'll look forward to playing with each day. You'll get in your workout time and they will get in some extra play time. Win-win for everyone.

BONUS) As difficult as it may be, try for that early morning workout wakeup call!

I know, I had to go there because I am too big of a fan of early workouts not too! So....if you thrive more off a traditional workout (by yourself) and summer break just doesn't allow for that during the daytime, set that alarm and get your workout done before the crew is up and ready to go. If early morning workouts have never been your thing, it might take a little getting used to but once you get in the habit, you'll love getting that workout done first thing. I know that I do!

So far this summer I've been maintaining mostly early morning workouts, but have also taken advantage of child care at my YMCA when the 5am workout wasn't in the cards. I've also taken my oldest with me on a few short two mile walk/runs throughout our neighborhood. Our time on the pavement definitely takes a little longer, we have interesting conversations about Pokemon battles/trainers/characters and take a few more unplanned break but nonetheless we have a fun time getting in a little exercise together. Despite brief complaints about not bringing snacks with us, he actually has pushed me to work a little harder and run a little bit longer!

Stay tuned next week to read more about all the weekly workouts listed below in the full recap and feature of Infinite CU!

Until then...happy summer, happy weekend and happy workouts!