It's true what they say: variety is the spice of life! This was a week of variety at the gym and I loved every minute! Okay, well to be honest, not exactly every minute especially midway through multiple rounds of squat jumps and burpees in GRIT but overall, yes, I loved it! It's great to mix up the routine just by taking different group fitness classes throughout the week. I'm fortunate that my YMCA has such a vast range of classes all with the most amazing and energetic instructors!

This week I also enjoyed changing up my strength training sessions incorporating some of my CrossFit learnings into the routine. Not only have I increased the intensity but I'm burning more calories by adding more full body and kettlebell exercises as well a little cardio in between standard weight exercises. At the end of this post, you'll find my full strength workouts for each of the sessions this week.

Another highlight of the week was having a couple girlfriends join me for Wednesday's leg day workout! I usually do my strength training days solo so it was fun to have my friends there alongside as we worked through the leg exercises I'd prepared for the day. My legs got a serious burn that I'm still feeling this morning, two days later! Thanks DOMS!

I'm looking forward to my early Saturday morning workout tomorrow, Sunday's well deserved rest day and then I'll be gearing up for my first ever CrossFit Murph challenge. I'm headed back to Unyoked CrossFit (March's gym of the month) to hang with the crew there and give Murph a shot! More to come!

Happy Memorial Day weekending friends!

~ Strength Training Details ~

Back & Biceps

3 rounds
300m row
Dumbbell bicep curls, 10 reps, 15lbs

3x Assisted pullup, 5 reps

3 rounds
TRX row, 10 reps
Lat pushdown, 10 reps, 40lbs

3x Elevated single arm curl, 8 reps, 20lbs
3x TRX Bicep Curl, 10 reps
3x Kettlebell low to high swings, 10 reps, 15lbs


3 rounds
24 curtsy lunges
10 deadlift, 45lbs
30 seconds pulse squat

3 rounds
20 plia squat with plate, 35lbs
24 banded side walks, red band
30 seconds plank

Assisted single leg squat into knee drive, 5 each leg

5min AMRAP
TRX squat, 15 reps
Wall sit

Shoulders Triceps & Chest

3x Superset
Row 10-1 kCal
Kettlebell Swings 10-1, 25lbs

3x Superset
Kettlebell Halo, 10 both directions, 15lbs
Kettlebell Tricep Extension, 10 reps, 15lbs

3x Assisted pushup, 8 reps

3x Superset
Tricep pushdown, 10 reps, 30lbs
Chest Press Machine, 10 reps, 30lbs

3x Shoulder press, 4 reps, 20lbs