It's been an exciting week for fitness around here! Blended Balance Fitness, my new in-home personal training business officially launched mid-week. It's been a work-in-progress the last couple of months and am BEYOND excited to finally bring this to the Champaign-Urbana community. I want to show up for people that might not have the option or desire to go to a gym but still want to workout. Whether it's time restrictions, kids at home, comfort level, whatever the case may be, if you want to workout with a trainer but the gym isn't for you, I want to help!

I've also spent the last few days changing up my own workout routine visiting NO Limit Fitness, a CrossFit gym, in Mahomet, Illinois for May's gym of the month feature. To say the last few days were intense might actually be an understatement. I am sore everywhere, like in places I haven't been sore in months. I stepped outside of my comfort zone not once but four times this week trying several new things. But, as I sit here writing today, I feel so good!

I am not going to go into detail too much on my weekly workouts today because you'll read all about them when the NO Limit feature post goes live next week, but suffice to say, trying new things and mixing up my workout routine has been challenging, difficult, but so rewarding!

As for workouts beyond CrossFit, Bodyflow remained a necessity throughout the entire week to counter the intensity of the workouts at NO Limit. The stretches never felt so good to my tired, achy muscles! Beyond that, I got a lot of walking in between all the workouts with my oldest kiddo. I've challenged him to walk a mile a day if he wants to play his Nintendo a few more minutes daily and this week (with the exception of Thursday) we did just that! We both got a little extra movement in the afternoon, caught up about his day, talked about Pokemon (more like he told me about Pokemon) and then he played games while I got a little work done. It was a win for both of us.

To close things out, I have a challenge for you! Starting today through next week, I am encouraging/challenging you to try something new when it comes to your workouts. Just one thing at a minimum! It can be as simple as a new exercise in your strength training routine, a new route for your daily run or a new group fitness class. Find that new thing, give it a shot and let me know how you did! I think you'll find it more rewarding that intimidating once you give it a try!