This week marks the final few days leading up to the Illinois Marathon race weekend! This weekend's half marathon marks my sixth time running 13.1 but my first time running without having adequately prepared and trained. What's interesting is that I am not nervous at all! I think because I haven't been out for multiple training runs, I don't have the constant reminder of an upcoming race and the build up of nerves that I usually get. I've been caught up doing other workouts week after week, I kind of forget that I'm even signed up to run a half marathon tomorrow.

The last few days there has been a lot of hype in the community about the upcoming race weekend so it's definitely top of mind now but even still I don't feel as nervous as I thought I would for running a half untrained! Don't get me wrong, pre-race jitters will likely present themselves tomorrow morning but honestly I am more excited than nervous for this challenge!

I do enjoy the quietness that is the week leading up to a big race. It's a great chance to rethink my weekly workouts and adapt my routine to play it smart before running 13.1. I'd typically would do a couple short taper runs, but this week I stuck to a couple cycling classes early on for endurance work, got in plenty of Bodyflow/ yoga/stretching and squeezed in a some upper body sessions the front half of the week. It's been nice to give my legs get a little breather before they hit the pavement for tomorrow's half.

While it's in my log I haven't actually completed it yet, tonight I'll be participating in the Illinois Marathon 5k that kicks off the race weekend festivities. Because I'm doing both the 5k and the half, its actually called the mini I-challenge. I'll get a bonus medal when I cross the finish line Saturday for completing both races. Because my kids will inevitably each want a medal, I'll get to keep the Challenge one for myself since I'll receive three altogether. Another fun thing about the 5k is it will be my mom's first! I'm excited to be there with her as she crosses the finish line the first time!

Best of luck to all the Illinois marathon runners this weekend. Whether you're doing the 5k, 10k, half, full, relay or any combination, it's going to be fun! Here's to hoping  KT tape does it magic and my tendonitis behaves itself and the weather stays decent. With my track record, I won't be surprised to run any portion of the race in the rain but I'd like at least a few dry miles and time at the end to enjoy the after party!