Working out on while traveling and/or on vacation is not always easy and one of those things you definitely need to plan ahead for. Packing workout clothes is always a good start. Seeing those workout clothes laying in your suitcase tends to be a little motivating to get even just a short sweat session in. I always pack gym clothes and tennis shoes and try at a minimum to make it to the hotel gym or leverage my Beachbody On Demand app to get in a little workout while I am traveling.

This was an exciting week workout wise as the first part of this week I traveled to Sonoma Valley and San Francisco. With a little pre-planning I had lined up a few workouts during my stay in California. Researching local gyms/fitness studios and signing up for a class to take has actually become one of my new favorite things to do when I'm traveling. Just as I enjoy looking up where I am going to eat or shop, finding out where the locals workout and trying it out for myself is really fun and a new travel hobby of mine.

3.5mi hike Muir Woods
2.5mi hike Sonoma Valley Regional Park/Hood Mountain Regional Park
Basecamp Fitness Chest & Back Pyramid
TRX Training Center Sweat
Rest Day/Travel Day
Triceps, Biceps, Shoulders/Grit Strength & Cardio

With my travel itinerary, I knew that we would be stopping at Muir Woods on Saturday. I hadn't planned out a specific hike but my husband and I ended up hiking up into the woods about 3.5 miles round trip. Wow, what a beautiful place! Pictures do not do it justice, it's one of those places you have to visit in person. I could have easily spent an entire day here hiking around the park. Definitely a place I will need to visit again.


Sunday's hikes were not planned at all. Usually Sunday is my rest day however we had came across a couple of regional parks while in Sonoma and had a few minutes to kill in between wineries so decided to do a little hiking and exploring. We visited Sonoma Valley Regional Park and Hood Mountain Regional Park. Again, both of these parks I could have easily spent a half if not full day had time allowed. They were beautiful and each unique in their own ways. Based on the trails we took, Hood Mountain was definitely the more intense hike wise of the two. We hiked 15 minutes one way and then back down and it was steep incline the entire way. Talk about firing all the leg muscles. It was an unintentional leg day for sure.


During my time in San Francisco on Monday and Tuesday I got to visit a couple local fitness studios, Basecamp Fitness and TRX Training Center and absolutely loved both of them. Not to mention that I got a workout before the workout walking there on the hilly streets of San Fran.

Basecamp Fitness was a unique workout and at only 35 minutes cardio/strength plus 10 minutes additional abs/stretch it was nice and quick so I could get on with my sightseeing. The concept behind Basecamp is alternating one minute of cardio with one minute of strength training. Your cardio is on the assualt bike and if you have never tried it, it lives up to its name, let me tell you. The day I attended class with Chest and Back so every minute of strength was an exercise focused on those muscle groups. Basecamp even gives you a free trial class so I got to attend this one on the house. Can't go wrong with that.



I love TRX and when I found out during my research that TRX originated in San Francisco it only made sense that I go to the TRX Training Center to take a class. The studio has just three class formats, Sweat, Fit and Strong and they vary with the mix of cardio and strength depending on the format you take. I got up early to try out the Sweat workout and it was awesome. Sweat was strength and cardio intervals using the suspension bands, slam balls and your own body weight. I did exercises I had never done using the suspension equipment and am already wondering how can or does somewhere in Champaign offer a TRX class!


Once back at home I finished off the week with a mixture of yoga, strength and cardio to round everything out. I was pretty tired from the trip so I definitely needed the yoga after traveling. It was so welcomed and one of those classes that was everything that I knew my body needed at that time. Bodyattack and Grit were intense as always. I do love them though. Each time I finish I feel proud, strong and accomplished. I can feel my endurance improving week after week.

How was your week? What did you do for workouts? Here is to heading into the weekend feeling great! Happy Fitness Friday!