This week has been about getting uncomfortable. I've spent a portion of the last week at Unyoked CrossFit trying it out for March's featured gym of the month and while I don't want to spoil too much in advance of next week's post, let's just say I have definitely been pushed beyond my comfort zone the last few days. I have tried new things I never would have done if I hadn't taken myself on this journey and as a result, I am physically sore in places I haven't been sore in a long time but mentally I am a bit tougher from my time at Unyoked.

The soreness is a good sore and through a combination of BODYFLOW and yoga my body has quickly adapted and recovered from the intensity of the CrossFit workouts. I feel proud. Had I not had the mission to try a new gym every month I probably would have never stepped foot in a CrossFit box. It's intimidating. But, I stand as proof that you can never be quite sure of what you're capable of until you try it out. There is something powerful both physically and mentally about finishing your WOD (workout of the day). I'm grateful for my body for working with me during each of the classes this week and I'm so proud to have not let fear get in the way of trying something new and different.

I also managed to squeeze in a couple BODYATTACK classes because, call it poor planning on my part, this week was final week of the YMCA Survivor Extreme Challenge...this same week I also choose to visit Unyoked. The YMCA Survivor Extreme is a points based 7-week workout challenge where you obtain points through running, swimming or participating in group fitness classes. Different classes are alloted different points and the points that must be obtained increase week-after-week. Week seven required hitting 600 points so through a couple BODYATTACK classes plus BODYFLOW, yoga and a little extra walking I was able to hit my weekly point goal finishing the challenge strong.

If you saw my Instagram this week, I stressed the importance of listening to your body and learning when it's time to slow down and/or rest. CrossFit is hard. BODYATTACK is also hard. I was going to do my usual Thursday Attack class this week, but my body said nope. Workouts had been at high intensity and I needed to take time for recovery. I know I wanted to move to some degree because that would help my muscles relax and loosen up but I knew I'd risk injury if I tried to do a sports conditioning class like Attack while feeling the soreness from CrossFit. Yoga was the perfect option and the instructor seemed to read my mind with all the stretches we did in class being the ones that I needed the most. I came out of that class with renewed energy to take on my last CrossFit class of the week on Friday. Friends, it's okay to rest. It's okay to take a day off if you need it. It's okay to move differently or slowly if that is what your body needs from you.

How were your workouts this week? Did you try anything new? Like I said, don't be afraid to try something different as it relates to working out. Don't be limited by the 'stories' or 'excuses' you tell yourself as to why you can't do something. Give it a shot and you'll likely be surprised of what you can do. Your body and your mind are stronger than you might give them credit for.

After this week, I am looking forward to a Saturday workout and then a complete, no workout, no active recovery, no nothing but lazy couch chilling-out kind of Sunday.