Oh, hey. It's April! And, you guys, where do I even begin?

Before I sat down to write today's post, I took a quick look back at the goals post I had written for March. Ya'll, I was SO PUMPED for that month. Besides my general goals for March, I was so excited for my son's 4th birthday, my birthday, pretty much 75% of my extended family's birthdays and our annual spring break trip. There was a lot of good set to take place in March! And, despite COVID-19, there was still a lot of good to be had in March. While not 100% to plan, the birthday celebrations continued. Fortunately, we were still able to take our trip which was a huge blessing in the midst of everything. Turns out a cabin in middle of the mountains is a perfect place to be when the country is shutting down around you. But, once we returned from our trip, we were hit with Illinois' shelter-in-place orders and well, we've been here at home ever since.

The last few days of March felt like an eternity and since our stay home orders have now been set through at least April 30th, it seems as if the month of April will follow suite. Even though I'm playing the role of home-schooling teacher along with all my other responsibilities, my goals are here to stay moving into April. I think it's important to keep working towards these personal and professional goals, maybe now more than ever.

So....what am I working on for April?! I've decided to structure it similar to previous months but things will be a bit different given our circumstances. I'm going to continue working on habit development. That doesn't change whether I'm quarantined at home or not. As for my business/professional goals, there will be some carry over from month's past plus some adaptations I'm making to continue my business best I can during these times.

April's Actions/To-Do's/Goals:

// Fitness: In absence of my gym, continue to maintain my workout routine exercising five to six days per week. Include a mix of strength, cardio, and yoga/stretching. Utilize virtual training, IG/FB Live videos, my own programming, etc.

// Nutrition: Focus on intuitive eating. Incorporate Food Freedom/lessons learned from previous rounds of Whole30. Maintain a reasonable balance of stuck-at-home comfort food eating with healthy eating choices.

// Family: This goal is usually earmarked for a date night out with my husband. Since we aren't going out anywhere, I'm going to try to come up with something fun and 'date night inspired' to do at home. More to come.

// Family: Adapt to our new normal of home-school life. This is HARD. Might be the most challenging one on this list. Focus on implementing school programming into our day-to-day (our 'school schedule' is currently on it's third iteration) and finding a schedule that fits for all of us.

// Personal growth: Read at minimum one self-help book this month. First book up for April, Joy of Missing Out (fitting right?!). Read 20 minutes per day.

// Personal growth: Wake up at 5am 4 minimum per week. Invest in my morning routine (journaling, meditation, workout, reading). Since quarantine life it has been A STRUGGLE to force myself up early. Outside of my virtual client work which gets me up early twice a week I haven't been able to do it. Goaling myself for April to pick this back up at least 4 days a week.

// Business: With my group classes and in-home sessions on hold, continuing to work on the growth and awareness of Blended Balance Fitness. In spite of the situation we are all in, I still want to encourage others to find their JOY in fitness and use movement daily to help them feel better from the inside out. Promote availability of virtual sessions in place of in-home. Use social media to expand my network and community with these current offerings.

// Business: Continue development of free fitness programming during this time of quarantine. In addition to my paid training offerings, I want to provide free exercise resources to the community. Goal: add two new workouts per week to my at-home workouts section of my blog.

// Business: Migrate website platforms. This one is an undertaking but I'm already in the thick of it and should have no problem getting this one done before month end.

// Business: Continue collaboration plans with local entrepreneurs. Hoping to set up a virtual SWEAT CU sometime in the next month! Stay tuned.

// Business: Develop plans for how my NASM Behavior Change Specialization fits into my current business offerings. My plan was to roll this out April 1st and well it's April 2nd and I haven't gotten there yet. Goal: continue to work on this in between 'teaching' duties this month and get offerings released by June.

There you have it. That's a pretty good list! It's manageable though with a few stretch goals for me to work towards during this wild time. I'm going to do my best this month, because friends, that is the best that I can do!

What are you working on for April? It's a good idea to continue goal setting even while at home. Even though on the outside, the world has been put on pause, we can still be working on moving forward ourselves. Having some personal and maybe professional goals this month will keep you motivated. With a little extra time at home, it can actually be the perfect time to start investing more in yourself!

If you need any accountability, send me a message and let's chat! Sometimes all it takes to reach your goals is a little help from someone on the outside!