Do you have trouble finding time to cook healthy meals for your family? Does the thought of meal plan and prep sound like way too much work? Would you rather do anything but go grocery shopping? If you answered YES to any of these questions I know someone who might be able to help! Tastefully Done is a new meal service here in Champaign-Urbana that provides ready-made and prepped, grab-and-go healthy meals that will help keep you on track with your 2019 food and nutrition goals.

Chef Christina Campbell creates a new menu lineup each month with a variety of pre-made meals that you can pick up weekly at Refinery Gym or have delivered to your home or office. You are able to order anything from an individual meal to sixteen at a time including family sized meal trays that will serve a family of four. The price per meal goes down the more meals you include on your order (#win) and meals range from breakfast to dinner as well as snack options.

Last weekend I was able to drop by Refinery Events Center and watch Christina in action as she was prepping the last few meals for the week ahead. The kitchen smelled amazing. Everything that I saw being prepared and packaged looked great.

Lucky for me, Christina provided me with two meals to take home so I could sample these ready-made meals for myself. I took home steak fajitas with rice and taco chili and enjoyed both of them for lunch the last two days. Both meals were equally tasty but being the soup lover I am, the chili was definitely my favorite!

Taco Chili meal with diced avocado.
Half portion steak fajitas meal with rice.

Beyond these ready-made meals, Christina offers additional services including personal chef where she'll come to your home and cook for you and your family (awesome!!). If you are following a particular diet protocol like paleo, gluten-free, keto, Whole30, the list goes on she can prepare the food accordingly to meet your dietary needs. She also has partnered with local wellness company Profile by Sanford to develop healthy prepped, ready-made meals that align with their clients goals and weight loss plans.

While I love my time in the kitchen, planning, shopping and preparing meals for my family, I know that not everyone feels the same way. If you fall into the camp that would rather be doing anything but cooking, I recommend you check out Tastefully Done! Christina has a true passion for cooking creating this amazing resource for the community. Even picking up just a couple meals could be a nice way to supplement cooking for an entire week and who wouldn't like a little extra free time!