As best as I can meal plan and have healthy foods available, I get hangry. Because I know this about myself, I always have a snack or two in my purse and/or bag at all times. When I am out and about, especially this time of year with holiday shopping and festivites, hunger, or hanger, strikes and that next meal might still be a few hours away. It's always a good idea to be prepared with a healthy snack ready and waiting.

Today I am going to share with you a few of my must-have-on-hand healthy snacks. A majority of these are Whole30 and Paleo friendly as well as kid-approved!

Meat Sticks/Jerky:
I have not always been a fan of meat sticks/jerky. It really wasn't until Whole30 that I began to eat these more regularly. I honestly think I didn't like them before because the ones I had tried previously were filled with all kinds of additives and other nonsense junk. The brands below are totally clean and they are so good!

Nick's Stick's - This is one of the very first Whole30 approved snacks I was able to find at my local grocery store and I've been hooked every since. These are perfect road trip, hiking or every day snacks. Spicy turkey and traditional grass-fed beef sticks are my favorites.

Chomps - I was first introduced to Chomps at the Whole30 book tour this fall. And I have to say, they are pretty darn good! The little Chomplings are new and pretty great; the perfect small snack for on the go.

The New Primal Classic - These have a little added sugar from honey (so low, just 1G) so they aren't Whole30 compliant but as far as a Paleo snack, they fit the bill and are very tasty.

Protein/Snack Bars:
I am an early riser when it comes to my exercise and while I don't like to eat a full meal, I definitely can't workout on an empty stomach. I always eat some type of bar before my morning strength training or run and the ones below are some of my favorites. These are also great to have on hand when you need a quick snack in between meals. These bars are all a little more expensive than the average 'protein' or 'granola' bar but they are such better quality, clean ingredients and taste so great!

RXBars - You can order a variety pack on Amazon which has a little bit of everything and I find the prices a little more reasonable. Blueberry is my favorite flavor.

Larabars - My favorite Larabars vary but I love most all of them and probably eat these the most of any bar. A lot of them are even Whole30 approved if you are in the midst of a round. Cashew cookie is my top choice if I am doing Whole30 or even not; I actually have a monthly subscription from Amazon. Chocolate Chip Almond Butter and Pecan Pie tend to be my next top choices.

Thunderbird Bars - These are a recent discovery for me and I really enjoy them. My favorite Thunderbird bar is the Hazelnut Coffee Maca. A few more ingredients than your average Larabar or RXbar but they are pretty delicious!!

Real Food Bar - This was a pretty great Instagram discovery. These guys set me a few samples of their new products and I really liked them. The cacao sea salt is my favorite flavor!

Other Miscellaneous Snack Ideas:
GoGo SqueeZ BlastZ Fruit Pouches - I sort of feel like a little kid with these snacks but I truly enjoy them. These are bigger than the GoGo Applesauce pouches that my boys love so I feel they are perfect for us big kid adults. But don't get me wrong, I eat the small pouches too. Both are a nice sweet snack that you can take with you on the go.

GetGoMix Trail Mix Packs - Again, one of the reasons I love Instagram as you come across cool companies like Get Go Mix. These guys sent me some samples a couple months back and I have been hooked ever since. These little power snack bags are full of clean superfoods and are perfect hiking fuel, pick-me-up while out running errands or an anytime snack.

Raisins, Cashews & Bananas - These three round out my typical snack stash. I love to mix a handful of raisins with cashews and well who doesn't love bananas. Cashews tend to me a little pricey especially since I look for the ones that are simply cashews, no oils or anything, but they are so good and worth the price!

Do you have any favorite, must-have snacks? Most of everything you read here is on-hand in my pantry at all times. The flavors will change throughout the season based on preference and/or whether I am doing a Whole30 or not, but you will always find my bag with at least one or more of the above at any point in time.

Some of the links within this blog post are affiliate links which means that I might recieve a small commission if the item is purchased. Having said that though, I wouldn't write or tell you about it if I didn't use and love it! These thoughts, opinions and feelings are all my own!