Back during my days at CDW, I had coined a hashtag for a success story video program we had called #TribalKnowledgeTuesday. I think it's time to bring this hashtag back into my life, however this time I'll be doing it through my blog!

My goal is to share a little Tribal Knowledge with you each Tuesday; something I've picked up and do today that has proven benefical to me and just may be for you as well. It might be fitness, food, mindfulness or maybe even none of those and just something a bit more random! We'll just have to see what each Tuesday brings to the table.

This Tuesday's Tribal Knowledge is a little bit fitness, mindfulness, meditation and randomness rolled into one. Today I am sharing a list of my favorite podcasts! I have only really gotten into podcasts the last couple of years and let me tell you, I freaking love them.

My list of favorites is a rather random selection but for me, podcasts are the best for treadmill/outdoor walks/runs. I enjoy putting on a podcast and going for a relaxing walk, which is where the mindfulness and meditation come in. Listening to a podcast while walking puts me in the zone or sometimes zones me out. I can walk and walk and walk while I listen and next thing I know I've been out for an hour and put in almost four miles. While not in silence, it is almost meditative to podcast. I don't think of anything else. I'm not distracted by my thoughts. I'm listening and walking, mindfully, while I'm out.

Podcasts are great for runs because they take away from the mental roadblocks that often pop up during longer runs. I think less of how much running I still need to do and am focused on listening to the subject of the podcast. Podcasts also come in handy for car rides, especially if you are one that is spending a lot of time in your car driving to and fro.

You become invested while listening and will want to finish the entire podcast thus keeping you motivated. If you are listening while exercising, it will encourage you to keep going until the podcast is finished. Also, episodes are often new week after week so there is always some fresh content to keep you engaged and coming back for more.

So without further ado, here is a list of my favorites. You'll notice a few similarities and some that are very different from one another. Check them out and take a listen for yourself!

Do you podcast? Have you listened to any in my list? What are some of your favorites? I would love to have more to add to my library!