We are officially one week into the January Whole30! If you are participating, I hope that things are going well for you. If you aren't, well, I still hope that things are going well for you and, please, enjoy a glass of wine for me!

I thought I'd use today's post as an opportunity to share a few more tips that I have picked up this time around as well as share links to the recipes I have made so far and a few I have my eye on for the weeks ahead. It seems that with each round I have been fortunate that my body quickly recalls all the benefits of this reset and doesn't make it too hard to want to continue day after day. I already feel the holiday belly bloat is starting to go away and I'm regaining the mental clarity that I so love. That being said, I have had a few headaches the last few days which I am sure are in part to the sugar detox coming off the holidays. My workout routine is also different this round versus last with my half marathon training so I am learning to adjust my meals/what's included in my meals to make sure I am fueling my body properly for all my weekly runs.

Overall though, so far so good. I really can't complain. I don't want to 'kill all the things' as is a common expression made in the early days of the program and my energy is pretty decent. I am enjoying being back in kitchen (all the dishes, eh, not as much) and cooking up some new recipes as well as old favorites. I would be amiss to say that I don't think about sweets especially when the kiddos enjoy their Saturday morning donuts while I watched but it's okay. I know that it is worth it in the end.  

Below is a rundown of what I've made so far this month with links included so you can check them out for yourselves:





The veggie ranch meatloaf, egg cups and buffalo chicken are Whole30 staples for me. I make them every round and am never disappointed, they are so good. All the other recipes above were new to me this round and I loved all of them. The last one I created myself and the link to that recipe can be found on my Instagram.

I love searching out new recipes to keep things interesting on my Whole30. Below are a few I have my eyes on and hope to incorporate into my meal plans over the next couple of weeks.

I'll inevitably make more buffalo chicken since I love it so much and the leftovers are so easy to incorporate into other meals.

Outside of what I've been making and eating, I've also picked up a few more tools of the trade the last six days that are worth sharing.

  • Don't miss out on a night out just because you're on Whole30.
    I met up with some girlfriends last week for dinner/drinks and I knew that where we were going there wouldn't be much for compliant options for eating so I ate before meeting up. I also ordered a club soda with lime and cherries to have something more 'fun' to drink than tap water. You know what, I didn't feel like I was missing out at all! I got to pick out my friends drinks since I wasn't drinking myself and my mocktail was all I needed. Good laughs and conversation made up the better part of the night.

  • Speaking of water, drink lots of water!
    I am a big water drinker (my husband says I get thirvous which means thirsty nervous) but I actually have kind of been slacking on my water intake lately. I know with the extra cardio I'm doing I definitely need to be getting plenty of water so I've been making more of an effort this past few days. Drinking water helps curb your appetite, hydrates your body, flushes out toxins and generally makes you feel better. My lack of water might have actually been what contributed to my headaches too so you can bet I'm sipping on water right now as I write. You do the same!

  • Finding more accountability partners is super helpful!
    In previous rounds, I've pretty much been on the Whole30 train solo. My husband eats what I cook but isn't as strict when it comes to his breakfast and lunch so he isn't 100% Whole30. This time I've got my mom, aunt, a family friend and two neighbors that are participating in the January Whole30. It helps to have others to seek input, share recipes and motivate one another.

  • Get in those veggies even if you have to be sneaky about it.
    Never have I ever been a vegetable eater. They are so hard for me to eat and the food group I am the most picky about. I feel like I have made a better effort in this round of Whole30 to get in more vegetables but I definitely have a lot of room for improvement. I like to sneak in veggies to make it a little bit easier like spinach in the veggie ranch meatloaf, chopped spinach as a side dish during a meal, or adding carrots or peppers to a hash or chili. The brussels I made above were actually really good and will be a good repeat veggie for me this round. I'm excited to try the buffalo brussels recipe.

  • Chipotle and Whole30 teamed up to bring us the #Whole30SaladBowl!
    This is exciting! Chipotle has always been a place to go to while out because I know I could eat compliant with their carnitas and a few other ingredients but to have an offical partnership and menu item is awesome. If you order online or use the app, you can actually order the Whole30 Salad Bowl right from it. You won't see this listed in stores to order off the menu but you can still do it. Romaine lettuce, carnitas, fajita veggies (which are now compliant), tomato salsa and guacamole. I tried out this bowl over the weekend and it was delish!


I'd love to hear from you how your Whole30 is going. What's working well and what areas have room for improvement? Whether its your first, fourth or fourteenth, it seems there is always something to learn and take away. I'm excited to be on this journey once again, to remember 'my why' and continue to figure out the food freedom that works for me!