Today's #MoveItMonday requires really only one thing, a friend! I'm talking about Partner Workouts which are awesome for accountability, challenge and just plain fun!

Because of the holiday, I'm going to keep this post fairly short and talk briefly about why partner workouts and then get right into it! My friend Noelle and I ran through this circuit today. It took us just over thirty minutes (including breaks) and we were a sweaty mess when we finished!

Why partner workouts?

One of the biggest advantages of partner workouts is they are tremendous for accountability. You're more likely to get in your workout if you're meeting a friend. You know, it's never nice to stand up a friend even if your meeting place is the gym!

Sometimes is just more fun to workout with other people! There is definitely something to be said about the social factor of working out with friends that motivates one to get to the gym and then continue coming back time and time again. That's one reason that I love group fitness classes so much.

Partner workouts make you work harder. When you are working out with a friend you are more likely to push yourself further than when you are working out alone. Also, doing a partner workout like the one I'm sharing today kind of forces you to work harder by the nature of the way the workout is designed. You'll see what I mean in a bit.

Finishing any workout is a task worth celebration. Working out with a friend gives you, at a minimum, one person that you can celebrate with at the end of your session. You'll get that immediate gratification of a successful workout when you can hi-five your friend when your finished.

So, what's the workout?

Partner workouts can take on a variety of forms, but for today, I styled this workout as six, five minute rounds. Partner A performs a set number of reps while Partner B performs a static hold or exercise until Partner be completes their reps. Then, continue swapping moves until your five minute timer runs out.

This type of partner workout is fun because you work together cheering each other on to finish. You also work a little bit harder. Holding plank while someone does burpees can take as long as your partner needs to get through their 20 you're motivated to work through the moves in order to relieve your partner.

For this workout, the only equipment is a med ball but you could even do this workout without by swapping sprints for the med ball run. We met each other at the playground and used a picnic table for our step ups and dips. Because the pike hold has you holding a pike, we decided to swap that out for a wall sit, or rather a tree sit and trust me, it worked just fine (#legsonfire).


Your challenge is to find a friend and give this workout a try this week! Tag me on social if you give it a go; I'd love to hear what you think!

Until then...enjoy the rest of your Labor Day holiday!

I'm spending the rest of my day doing a whole lot of nothing and I couldn't be happier. I've got white chicken chili in the crockpot, my sweats are on and I just woke up from a nice little afternoon siesta.