Last week I shared a personal favorite of mine, the 7-minute workout so today we are kicking that 7-minute workout up a notch (I know, you're welcome) with a 20 minute AMRAP workout. In case you aren't familiar, AMRAP stands for As-Many-Reps/Rounds As Possible and is an awesome way to sneak in a quick and effective workout almost anywhere!

Why AMRAP style workouts?

I love AMRAP workouts because while they allow you to work at your own pace, you often work against a clock which tends to push you a little further and work a little harder than you would if you weren't being timed. AMRAP can be styled with any exercises, rep, and set sequence so they allow for a lot of creativity and variety from workout to workout.

With AMRAP workouts, the goal is to work for the entire duration of the workout only stopping briefly as needed to catch your breath and grab a quick drink of water. This allows you to keep the intensity high throughout the entire workout and because you are working at the higher end of your aerobic threshold, these workouts are typically shorter in time and duration. Who doesn't love a short and effective workout?! I know I do!

You can also do AMRAP workouts anywhere. A lot of time these workouts are designed (like the one I've created for you), using just bodyweight exercises. So, if you don't have access to a gym or are traveling, no problem! An AMRAP workout is perfect for that!

AMRAP workouts are a great way to spot check your progress throughout an exercise program. Because you are trying to get in as many reps/rounds as you can, you can use those markers to track improvements in strength and/or endurance over time. For example, with the workout I'm sharing today, the first time around you might only get through the circuit two to three times but after continuous dedication to your fitness routine, the next time you try it you may get through the circuit three to four times. There is no 'right' number of rounds through the circuit but keeping track is an excellent way to see how you are improving from time to time.

There are lots of ways to style an AMRAP workout, what's the game plan for this week? And how do I do it?

For this week, the AMRAP workout I put together is 20 minutes in duration with a total of five different exercises. As you can see from the photo below, the workout begins with 10 burpees and with each new exercise the rep count increases by 10 until you get to 50 total mountain climbers. To execute, you'll begin with the 10 burpees and work top-to-bottom through the mountain climbers. Continue repeating the circuit until your 20 minute timer is finished. Depending on your fitness level, energy for the day, etc you might get through the AMRAP workout once, twice or even three to four times.

As alluded to previously, once you complete the workout, jot down how many rounds you completed in 20 minutes. That number will serve as your marker the next time you do this AMRAP workout. As the workout gets 'easier' and you get stronger, you should find yourself able to get through more rounds time after time.

Challenge time!!!

Now that you know what this particular AMRAP workout looks like and how to do it, it's time to give it a try! Set your timer for 20 minutes and work through the workout pictured above. Continue cycling through the exercises top to bottom until your timer is finished. And while it didn't talk about it previously, there is a bonus, if you're feeling extra. Go ahead and add on the core finisher to strengthen your midsection!

Post on social if you complete this challenge and don't forget to tag me (IG: a.blended.balance, Facebook: blendedbalancefitness)! I'd love to help cheer you on as well feature you on my social media!