In lieu of the traditional March Madness tournament this year, I decided to make my own!!! I wrote out a bracket with bodyweight exercises and worked my through until I had a winner!

Check out the this PDF for my bracket template and give it a try for yourself!

Your first round exercises will be 1 minute in duration with 10-15 seconds rest in between exercises. Jot down how many reps you get done in one minute and that will determine how the rest of your bracket shapes up. For example, in my case in round 1, I had 74 shoulder taps and 100 mountain climbers so mountain climbers move on to the second round.

Second round exercises get bumped up to 2 minutes in duration with a 20-30 second rest in between. Again, jot down your total amount of reps completed in two minutes.

Third round exercises are, you guessed it, bumped up once again. This time it is 3 minutes of work with 30-45 seconds rest in between. This is the long haul so pace yourself and break as needed during the work period. You've only got two exercises in each third round section so you can totally do it!! Write down your numbers!

Work through the complete left side of your bracket until you have your top exercise then get started on the right side. You will follow the same pattern (1 minute round 1, 2 mninutes round 2 and 3 minutes round 3.

Once you have your final two exercises, you'll do both one more time but this time it is just one minute each. Push all out for that last minute to see how many reps you do. Record your final numbers and see what exercise comes out on top! In my case butt kickers were my final champion!!!

For reference, here is my completed bracket so you can see how it all played out on my end.

This is a lengthy workout but you could break it up if you are short on time. Do the left side bracket one day or part of your day then the right side another time. Or break up the rounds. Totally up to you!

So, what are you waiting for?! Give it a shot and see what exercise is your winner! Don't forget to tag me on social if you give it a shot!