It's September and my fall-loving heart is feeling so happy! If you know me, you know that I love this season aka the season of pumpkin-everythinggggg. Like, for real, everything (except for yogurt which I tried pumpkin spice flavored once and it was not good). But, for real, this time of year is my absolute jam.

Truth be told, I'm still a little confused how it's September and we are already a week or so into back-to-school yet, here we are and I'm not mad about it. I've already bringing out the pumpkin decor and burning my fall scented candles. Bring on all the fall favorites!

Similar to the last couple months, in rereading through August's post, I realized that I missed the mark on a couple focus areas. This is the reason I do this post, ya'll. It helps me refocus at the start of a new month. It gives me reason to celebrate the wins that I had over the previous month while also serving as a reminder of areas that lacked attention. What I'm realizing now though is that I need to review this post more than once at the end/beginning of the month. Then, maybe, just maybe, I can celebrate even more wins as the new month begins!

So to expand on my most recent social post, here a round-up of the things I'm focused on for September. Keep on reading on if you are interested to find out more!!

September's Focus:

// Kick off the fourth round of SWEAT by Blended Balance Fitness beginning September 7th.

I'm so excited to be kicking off the four month of my virtual fitness program, SWEAT. The program continues to evolve and improve month over month. In August I adding a digital program guide that included personal growth, mindset and behavior change elments into the program. I'm excited to expand on that even further for September with a spiral bound printed version of this program guide!

// Complete personal fitness challenge of doing yoga everyday!

Even as a trainer and I know better, I don't do enough stretching pre and post workout. So, in August, I began a mini challenge of completing a minimum of five minutes of yoga every day for 66 days. As I write this post, I'm sitting at day 27. I'm going to continue this through September in hopes that I can keep this habit up for the remainder of the year.

// Recommit to my daily gratitude and journaling practice.

You guys, this is here again because as much as I talk about this, know how important/valuable it is and have the desire to do it, I don't put it into practice as much as I should. Fortunately, with the sprial bound program guide for SWEAT we'll be journaling five gratitudes each day so I'm saying it here, this is the month I recommit to my gratitude practice!

// Read a minimum of one anti-racism book as well as donate/support at least one Black owned business.

In July, I called myself out for not completing this goal and while I did better in September, I still have work to do. Honestly, my work here will never be done but I'm keeping this here to make sure I place continued focus and effort on this. In August, I read White Fragility which I would definitely recommend and in September I'm planning to read How to Become an Antiracist.

// Continue working my way through #75Hard.

27 days down, 48 days to go. If you've never heard of 75 Hard, it's pretty much exactly as it sounds. 75 hard days. What does it include? Two 45 minute workouts a (one outside like a walk/bike ride), no alcohol or cheat meals, follow a diet, read 10 pages, take a progress photo and drink a full gallon of water each and every day for 75 days. So yeah, it's hard but I'm doing it. I need the mental challenge and discipline and so far, so good.

// Lead and participate in my recently launched #Joyful30Challenge.

Chasing joy all September long with my #Joyful30Challenge. The idea is simple. Find one thing that brings you joy each day for thirty days. The simple act of looking for joy each day helps you to enjoy the present moment, cherish the little things and sooner or later the joy ends up finding you.

There it is. All documented here so time to put in the work. Time to set the tone for the rest of the year. Control the controllable. The best of the year is yet to come. Time to make it count.

Now tell me something you are going to accomplish this month! I’ll gladly be your accountability buddy if you need one!