Happy October! I freaking love October, it is one of my favorite months of the year. I'm a pretty basic gal when it comes to this season...pumpkin patches, Homecomings, tailgates, Halloween, campfires, Oktoberfest, flannel, pumpkin flavored everything...I mean what is not to love!

With the beginning of a new month comes a time to reflect, briefly, on months past but then turn our attention to the fresh start that a new month can offer us. This October I am going to set a three small goals for myself in this journey of a blended balanced life. What better place to outline and share those goals than here with you. This will help keep me accountable and perhaps insire you to do something similar!

October Goals:
Restart a gratitude journal
Sign up and begin training for a half marathon
Utilize the downtime and minimizing screen time features on my iPhone

Restart a gratitude journal
I have been doing a gratitude journal on and off for the last couple of years. Unfortunately, it is has been more off than on the past few months. I want to restart this practice, dedicating just a few minutes to write down three things I am greatful for daily. This really takes no longer than five minutes to do but the effects can be felt much longer. I've already got the journal and I have the time so there is really no excuse to put this one off any longer.

Sign up and begin training for a half marathon
One of my best gals Heather asked me a few weeks ago if I was interested in running a half marathon with her Celebration, Florida in January. My gut reaction was that it sounded really fun (Florida in January, yes please!) but I didn't know if I were up running that much anymore. My last half marathon was just shy of four years ago. Then last week in my workout switch-up I walked seven miles. If I can walk seven miles without any preparation, I can surely do thirteen with adequate training. I need to decide soon but I really want to make this goal a reality. With some help and encouragement, I think I can do this.

Utlize the downtime and minimize screen time features on the iPhone
I got a new iPhone a couple weeks ago and one of the new features is scheduling downtime. You can minimize screen time by setting this for whatever time you prefer and it essentially powers down certain apps unless you tell it otherwise. One of the big eye openers is seeing the actual screen time in minutes/hours with a breakdown by app category. You can then set limits for the apps you utilize, perhaps those used most often. Starting in October, I've scheduled downtime from 9pm to 7am. As a starting point, this will prevent me from using my phone right before falling asleep and grabbing it first thing when I wake up. Maybe I can use that time I would spend scrolling social sites and gratitude journal instead!

I'm excited for October! There is a ton of fun activities planned between family gatherings, fall festivals, Oktoberfests, Homecomings and Halloween but I am also looking forward to jumping into these new goals.

Do you set monthly goals for yourself? What is on your list for October? Let's hold each other accountable and work together to make them happen!