Oh heyyyyy, March! I'm SO excited to see you!

March is known as birthday month around here. I'll be celebrating my own as well as my little guy's (he's a St. Paddy's baby) and beyond those two very special birthday's, my mom, sister, cousin's husband, cousin's kiddos and a few friends all have birthday's in March. It's also spring break month so not only is it PARTY time it's....VACAY time too!!! I'm pumped for all that this month brings including the birthday celebrations, spring break family getaway, hopefully warmer weather and sunshine (it's supposed to be in the 50's today!), plus updated mini-goals to align with my larger 2020 goals.

So, what am I working on for March?! It looks a lot like February which is intentional. Because, personally, I'm working on habit development these types of goals will primarily be the same month after month. I'll edit them as needed to help me progress further towards habit development. As for my business/professional goals, there is some carry over from February with some fun additions that I'm working on as well!

March's Actions/To-Do's/Goals:

// Fitness: Maintain current workout routine exercising five to six days per week. Include a mix of strength, cardio, and yoga/stretching.

// Nutrition: Focus more on intuitive eating. Less dining out. Limit alcohol to the weekend (except for spring break). Incorporate Food Freedom/lessons learned from previous rounds of Whole30. (side note: this goal slipped slightly in February so I'm looking forward to re-focusing here in March).

// Family: Plan, schedule and have a monthly date night for my husband and I. Luckily I've got at least one already on the calendar for the end of the month! And, I cannot wait for that Pear Tree Italian Pop-Up, eeek!!

// Family: Plan, schedule and have an adventure date (outside of the normal playtime) with my kids/full family. Fortunateloy, Spring Break is going to give us plenty of these!

// Personal growth: Read at minimum one self-help book this month. I actually started March's book-of-the-month Joy of Movement in February (I'm already 2/3 through and I LOOOOOVE it). I'm planning on starting up Joy of Missing Out next. Read 20 minutes per day.

// Personal growth: Wake up at 5am 4 minimum per week. Invest in my morning routine (journaling, meditation, workout, reading). (side note: while, in February, I had no problem waking up at 5am most days of the week for client sessions or my own workouts, I didn't nail the morning meditation and journaling like I had hoped. I did incorporate more meditation time into my gym sessions though and I can tell a difference. So while I'd like to attempt doing this first thing in the morning, it is still part of my overall daily routine which is progress).

// Business: Continue to work on the growth and awareness of Blended Balance Fitness. Use social media to expand my network and community. Promote and grow my weekly bootcamp classes. Bring on new in-home and online training clients while retaining current clientele. Continue to promote availability of in-home and online training offering.

// Business: Develop content and co-facilitate the last two sessions for the Love Yourself, Love Your Workout collaboration with friend and life coach, Tasha Fay. We have eight amazing ladies participating in this workshop and I'm excited for these final two weeks.

// Business: Continue collaboration plans with local entrepreneurs. I've got a community workout coming up in April at Poeta South that I'm co-hosting with Davis FitPro Bootcamp. I and still think we need to get another SWEAT CU on the books. Who's in?!?

// Business: Finalize workout postcard for the Spring Cultivate Crate.

// Business: Develop plans for how my NASM Behavior Change Specialization fits into my current business offerings. Roll these new additions out by April 1st.

What are you working on for March? If you need any accountability, send me a message and let's chat! Sometimes all it takes to reach your goals is a little help from someone on the outside!