Well, looky there. I haven't done a monthly "Hello" post since April and now it's July. What?! It's July!

How did we even get here?! This has, without a doubt, been the wildest year. The days have been longggg but, in a way, the time has sort of flown by. Weird, right. I mean it's July! I'll say it one more time, what?! It's July!

Today I'm expanding on my social post with a few details for each of the things I'm focused on this month. Keep on reading on if you are interested to find out more!!

July's Focus:

// Kick off the second round of Summer Sweat beginning July 6th.

Recruitment is still underway and we begin on Monday! June's program was so much fun and I am so excited to keep this program going.

// Resume in-person training sessions.

I've been doing all my personal training sessions since March via FaceTime. It was a suprisingly simple pivot that has now provided an additional option to reach more clients. Even still, I'm really looking forward to being in the same room with my clients again!

// Launch new apparel designs for BlendedBalanceFitness.

I created some cool brand shirts last month and have since found a new creative outlet with these. So much that I made a few more styles that I'm launching in July. In June I donated 100% of the profits to a local Black woman owned organization, The Pedestal Project. In July, I'm going to follow suite donating profits to both Buy Black Chambana and For Your Discomfort.

// Complete personal fitness goal of 200 ab moves per day!

On top of my regularly scheduled fitness programming, I'm going to add this to continue pushing myself this month. I already missed the first day so I'll be doing 400 abs today to make up for it. Then it's 200 a day from here on out!

// Recommit to my daily gratitude and journaling practice.

I became really consistent with this at the start of quarantine and I have since fallen back out of practice the last month and a half. For July, I'm recommitting myself to sitting down each day and writing down at least three things I'm grateful for daily.

// Read a minimum of one anti-racism book as well as donate/support at least one Black owned business.

One thing I have learned over the last month is I have so much to learn when it comes to understanding Black culture, addressing my own white privilege and how educating myself so I can become an active anti-racist. To help my education and learning process, I purchased three books from SemiColon, an black woman owned independent bookstore out of Chicago. I'm going to start and complete one of those books this month. First up... White Fragility. Have you read it?

Whether you are feeling on top of the world heading into the second half of 2020 or still aren’t quite sure what day it is, now is your time. Time to set the tone for the rest of the year. Control the controllable. The best of the year is yet to come. Time to make it count.

Now tell me something you are going to accomplish this month! I’ll gladly be your accountability buddy if you need one!