While I'd usually kick off the start of a new month outlining that individual month's goals, I am going to take a bit of a different approach to 2019. Having just read Your Best Year Ever which is all about goal setting and given the clean slate that the new year brings, I thought it would be beneficial to highlight my 2019 goals in their entirety. Then per month I will break down mini actions that align to those goals that I will work to accomplish over the following days. I will also include extra 'stretch assignments' so-to-speak that may align to the overall goal but be a little extra action step or something that will push me to personally improve or develop a skill/habit/action over the course of the month. If you saw my Instagram or Facebook earlier this week, you might have noticed my 'word of the year' for 2019. That word is FEARLESS. I will be taking this word into account with some of the goals for the year, helping me get out of what's comfortable and live a little in my 'discomfort zone'.

One thing you may notice is I'm not talking resolutions. It's not that I don't believe in setting new years resolutions but often that build up of setting and then working to maintain a resolution can set you up for failure. Goals are very similar and my strategy for setting bigger picture goals now and monthly action steps will put me in a better position to reach those yearly goals.

So, let's get to it, first things first, let's talk 2019...

I've aligned my goals to different life domain categories as discussed in Your Best Year Ever (more to come on this book soon) and whether the goal is an achievement or habitual goal (achievement goal being a one-time goal that I will work towards with a specific end date and habitual being a set freqency (daily/weekly/monthly) over a designated time frame). Because a lot can happen and change over the course of the year, these goals are also going to be first half 2019 goals. The reason for this is for the achievement goals listed below I am hoping to knock those off the list by June. While the habitual goals will be ongoing all year round, if I can complete those  two achievement goals by the time I've stated, I'll add in two more come July.

2019 First Half of the Year Goals

  • Spiritual Goal: Continue daily gratitudes by writing down three things I am grateful for daily in a gratitude journal. (habitual)
  • Vocational: Become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer by March. (achievement)
  • Marital: Strengthen marriage by instituting monthly date nights beginning in January. (habitual)
  • Intellectual: Read 8 new self-care/self-improvement books by June. (achievement)
  • Intellectual: Spend 20 minutes daily reading before bed. (habitual)
  • Physical: Maintain my overall fitness by working out a minimum of five days per week with a mix of cardio, yoga, strength training (I want to do a pull-up!! (Achievement)) and keeping with a clean eating/Paleo/Whole foods diet. (habitual)
  • Social: Participate in social groups joined over 2018 including PTA, neighborhood social group, Tuesdays Together, Mothers Center by attending a minimum of one social event per month. (habitual)

Let's further break down some actions for January that will align to several of my goals:

January Action Items

  • Write down three things that I am grateful for daily beginning January 1st continuing all month long.
  • Sign up and commit to becoming an NASM CPT. Begin studying for the exam and select an exam date to work towards.
  • Pick a weeknight/day for the monthly date night with my husband. Align a babysitter and make dinner/outing reservations.
  • Read one new self-care/self-improvement book by the end of January; read a minimum of twenty minutes per day before bed.
  • Maintaining overall fitness by:
    • Working out five days per week throughout the entire month with a focus on back/upper body to work towards that pull-up.
    • Completing the Celebration Half Marathon the last week of January.
    • Actively participating in the January Whole30. In full transparency, I won't be doing the full 30 days because I'm traveling to Florida for my half the last week of the month but as I've done three rounds previously and I know the program well, I'm okay with this.
    • Trying out a new gym, Hatha Yoga & Fitness, for January's gym of the month blog focus.
  • Attend one or more social/networking event by the end of the month.

I am so excited to kick off 2019! I love the fresh start that a new year brings but I want to work to have that spirit ongoing this year. Every day is the opportunity for a fresh start so I going to try and maintain that mentality all year long while living a little bit fearless.

Have you set goals for the new year? I'd love to help you if you need a little extra motivation and coaching. Let's work together to live our best lives and crush our goals in 2019!