I saw a meme last week and it totally made me laugh...January was a tough year but we made it. It does always seems like January goes on forever and this year was no exception. Between hibernating at home due to snow and frigid cold temperatures, I did manage to sneak away to Florida for a few days which was a saving grace for my January. Other than that trip away, it was a long month inside which, in a way, helped me work towards meeting several of my January action items which in turn will help my to achieve my 2019 goals.

Before I share February's list, let's take a quick review of January. In italics within the text is the progress made towards each action.

January's Mini-Goals/Action Steps:

Write down three things that I am grateful for daily beginning January 1st continuing all month long. I LOVE this practice and continued it all month long with the exception of the days I was traveling. It's one of my favorite ways to start my day and something I will definitely continue through February.

Sign up and commit to becoming an NASM CPT. Begin studying for the exam and select an exam date to work towards. I'm excited to say I am all signed up and I actually already have my exam date scheduled for February 14th. I spent several minutes each day in January studying and will be continuing to focus in on this over the next couple of weeks leading up to my exam.

Pick a weeknight/day for the monthly date night with my husband. Align a babysitter and make dinner/outing reservations. Last month my husband and I had a night out on the town for his company holiday party. It was so nice to get out and celebrate the new year with his coworkers and friends!

Read one new self-care/self-improvement book by the end of January; read a minimum of twenty minutes per day before bed. Safe to say, I blew this goal out of the water for January. I actually ended up reading four books over the course of the last month including Becoming, The Road Back to You, Big Magic and You Are a Badass Everyday. Loved all of them!

Maintaining overall fitness (see full post for these details). While I did not get anywhere near completing a pull-up in January, I did rock out my Celebration Half Marathon, maintained weekly workouts of five-six days per week and ate 100% clean, Whole30 style through the first three weeks of January until my race. And, you can check out my Hatha Yoga & Fitness recap here if you'd like!

Attend one or more social/networking event by the end of the month. The cold kept me in for a lot of this month, but over the course of January, I did attend two different social/networking events; one with my Robeson PTA friends and another with my Tuesday's Together group.

Jokes about January being the longest year/month ever aside and the arctic temperatures, it was a pretty great month. As you can see, I am tracking right where I want to be towards my 2019 goals which is exciting. And, now that I've reviewed where I stand as far as January is concerned, it's time to turn my attention to February and the efforts I will be working on this month! Most of these will be more of the same as for 2019 my monthly actions are helping me to reach broader goals I've set for the first half of the year. Even still, it's helpful for me to continue jotting down my progress month after month and perhaps will inspire you along the way.

February's Mini Goals/Action Steps:

~ Continue my gratitude journal throughout February as well as complete a new list in my 52 Lists book each week.

~ Complete my CPR/AED certification and take the NASM Certified Personal Trainer exam. Once I've successfully completed my NASM CPT exam mid-month, I'll focus on determining next steps within the industry (more to come in March).

~ Pick a weeknight/day for the monthly date night with my husband. Align a babysitter and make dinner/outing reservations.

~ Read two new self-care/self-improvement books by the end of February; read a minimum of twenty minutes per day before bed.

~ Maintaining overall fitness by:
* Participating in the YMCA Survivor Extreme Challenge over the next five weeks.
* Workout out five-six days per week with a mix of yoga, cardio and strength training sessions.
* Try out a new gym, The Refinery, for February's gym of the month blog focus.

~ Attend one or more social/networking event by the end of the month.

While it isn't specific, in fact it's pretty vague at this point, I'm also adding another action/"goal" to align with my word of the year "BRAVE". The action, in theory, is simple - do one thing this month that makes me uncomfortable; something that takes me out of my comfort zone and stretches me beyond what I believe to be my limit. At this early stage of the month, I have absolutely no idea what this will be but I am vowing to do something in my discomfort zone in February that will allow me to grow and be brave.

Do you have any specific goals, mini-goals, action steps that you are working towards this month? I'd love to work together to keep each other motivated and hold each other accountable. Let me know what you've got in store this month and let's rock out our February goals together!