Oh, hello 2020. Is it me or did January come and go like a blur? I recall in years past January lasting 300 days but this year it actually went by faster than ever. To that point, I completely missed my January goals post so I'm going to dive head first into February.

I've been thinking about these monthly posts and wondering whether they or not they are of value. I'd considered stopping them altogether but, at the end of the day, they do keep hold me accountable. So here we are. I'm going to keep these monthly goals posts in rotation if only to keep me on track with my 2020 goals.

So, what are my goals for 2020? I've got a few business specific goals plus some personal, more habit building goals. The business goals are larger in scope and the habit goals will be more consistent month over month. So, instead of elaborating on my full 2020 list, let me keep it simple and share what I'm working on for February.

February Actions/To-Do's/Goals:

// Fitness: Maintain current workout routine exercising five to six days per week. Include a mix of strength, cardio, and yoga/stretching.

// Nutrition: Limit dining out to two times per week. Limit alcohol to the weekend (if at all). Incorporate Food Freedom/lessons learned from January's Whole30.

// Family: Plan, schedule and have a monthly date night for my husband and I. A Valentine's Day date perhaps?!

// Family: Plan, schedule and have an adventure date (outside of the normal playtime) with my kids/full family.

// Personal growth: Read one self-help book this month. February book-of-the-month currently TBD and I'm taking recs. Read 20 minutes per day.

// Personal growth: Wake up at 5am 4 minimum per week. Invest in my morning routine (journaling, meditation, workout, reading).

// Business: Continuee to work on the growth and awareness of Blended Balance Fitness. Use social media to expand my network and community. Promote and grow my weekly bootcamp classes. Bring on new in-home and online training clients while retaining current clientele. Continue to promote availability of in-home and online training offering.

// Business: Launch Love Yourself, Love Your Workout collaboration with friend and life coach, Tasha Fay. Promote offering of this four week workshop and fill attendance.

// Business: Begin planning a secondary collaboration with local entrepreneurs. Perhaps another SWEAT CU. Who's in?!?

// Business: Develop workout postcard for the Spring Cultivate Crate.

// Business: Complete NASM Behavior Change Specialization course and file CEU's.

Okay, so that look likes a lot. And, it is. It is a lot. But, for me it's manageable. Most of these are more like daily to-do's (workout, eat well, read daily) then goals. Writing them down in this format helps me keep them top of mind.

My business related items are more in-depth and goal like. I'm already making good headway on several of my business goals which is promising. In fact, I've already completed my Behavior Change Specialization course. I took and passed my final exam this week! In March I'm going to be developing a course of action for rolling out this service. Super exciting!!

The Love Yourself, Love Your Workout collaboration kicks off February 16th and will run through mid-march. I cannot wait to share my passion for making fitness and working out fun with others in the community! Tasha is the best and brings a wealth of knowledge in the life coaching space. It's going to be a fun, informative and empowering workshop. Can't wait to share what we've been working on as it gets closer!

February is shaping up to be a great month! Outside of the exciting things laid out above, there is even more fun in store for February. Oscar Sunday is coming up. I'm participating in a fun giveaway with some local bloggers/business owners. There are some fun social events on the calendar. And, next month is March featuring all the birthdays and spring break!!

What are you working on for February? If you need any accountability, send me a message and let's chat! Sometimes all it takes to reach your goals is a little help from someone on the outside!