You guys, it's August. Can someone tell me how this happened?! Did we have a summer? Are there still seven days in a week?! I don't know the answer to any of this.

Yet, here we are. It's August and after reading through my focus areas for July, I realized that I missed the mark on a few. This is the reason I do this post, ya'll. It helps me refocus at the start of a new month. It gives me reason to celebrate the wins that I had over the previous month while also serving as a reminder of areas that lacked attention. What I'm realizing now though is that I need to review this post more than once at the end/beginning of the month. Then, maybe, just maybe, I can celebrate even more wins as the new month begins!

So to expand on my most recent social post, here the things I'm focused on for August. Keep on reading on if you are interested to find out more!!

August's Focus:

// Kick off the third round of SWEAT by Blended Balance Fitness beginning August 3rd.

I'm so excited to be kicking off the third month of this virtual fitness program, rebranded simply to SWEAT by Blended Balance Fitness. The program continues to evolve and improve month over month. In August, I'm adding even more personal growth, mindset and behavior change elemnts into the program. So pumped to kick this off!

// Continue in-person training sessions.

It's been so great to be back with my clients over the last month. I'm going to keep doing these in person sessions until I can't!

// Launch Blended Balance Goods.

I created some cool brand shirts over the last couple months and have since found a new creative outlet with these. So much that I've been working on the next evolution of these apparel designs. I'm not going to say to much more as I have a launch coming very, very soon but needless to say I am very excited to roll this out!

// Complete personal fitness goal of 200 ab moves per day!

This was on my list for July and I totally missed the boat. Here's to trying again in August!

// Recommit to my daily gratitude and journaling practice.

I also completely missed this one. Fortunately, we are adding some of these elements into the SWEAT program for August so I'm hopeful to recommit to this over the next month.

// Read a minimum of one anti-racism book as well as donate/support at least one Black owned business.

I did not read anything in July so I have work to do here. This also a place to say that I have not been as involved in anti-racism work and the BLM movement over the last four weeks I would have liked. While I did donate to Buy Black Chambana and For Your Discomfort, my donations are not enough. Time to call myself out and do better moving into August.

// Prepare for back-to-school.

Still not 100% sure what this will entail for 2020 but putting this here to make sure I give it the attention it deserves to set my kids up for success best I can.

There it is. All documented here so time to put in the work. Time to set the tone for the rest of the year. Control the controllable. The best of the year is yet to come. Time to make it count.

Now tell me something you are going to accomplish this month! I’ll gladly be your accountability buddy if you need one!