Last week my group bootcamp did something a little bit out of the ordinary. We played Go Fish! But, not just any Go Fish. It was a full body workout themed game of Go Fish that used the cards to drive the workout!

Below you'll find the full workout I designed that so you can give it a try on your own!

1s: Sprint
2s: Squat Jumps
3s: Push-ups
4s: Lunges

Stingray: 2RDS
Lobster: 4 RDS
Octopus: 6 RDS
Shark: 8 RDS
Whale: + Mountain Climbers, 10 20 30 40 reps
Clownfish: + Plank Hold, 10 20 30 40 seconds
Blue Tang: + Wall Sit Hold, 10 20 30 40 seconds
Starfish: Players Choice, 10 20 30 40 reps/seconds
Dolphin: Rest/Pass

So, how does it work exactly?

Shuffle your cards to start then place the stack in the center of the group. We were all in a circle to make it simple. Player one draws the first card and then everyone does the exercise combination for the card drawn. Continue moving clockwise around the circle until all the cards all gone!

As for how to do the combinations, you will mix the number with the type of sea creature. For example, if you draw a 2 Stingray the group would do 4 squat jumps (2x2RDS). If you draw a 4 Shark, it would be 32 lunges (4x8RDS). A 4 whale, 4 lunges PLUS 40 mountain climbers. Starfish is players choice meaning the person that draws the card can choose the exercise for the group. If they draw a 1 Starfish they choose 10 reps of something, 4 would be 40 reps and so on. And to add some breathing room, any dolphin card is a rest/pass and no exercises are done.

To recap at a high level, any whale, clownfish, or blue tang is the rep count of the numbered exercise PLUS the extra move. The cards that are RDS only (stingray, octopus, shark, lobster) are the numbered exercise x the round specified.

And, that's it!

It takes a little getting used to at the start but I found it useful to have the full list written on a large board so that everyone could visibly see it. It was really fun, a good challenge (those sprints!) and something a little bit different than what we typically do in class.

As for your own adaptation, you could easily swap your numbered exercises for ones of your own choosing. Same thing for the sea creatures. Obviously, burpees were noticeably absent from this workout so maybe you'd want to throw those in!

Now it's your turn! I'd love for you to give it at try. Tag me on social media @blendedbalancefitness if you give it a go! Have fun!! Go Fish!!!