A few weeks ago I was approached by the host of a local television show, ciLiving, to come on the show for their featured fitness segment, talk about Blended Balance Fitness and demo a couple of exercises. I had never been on TV before, let alone LIVE TV, but I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Naturally, I was a little nervous at the idea but I am extremely passionate about fitness and this business I have created that I couldn't wait to share it with the community.

Time to BE BRAVE, the camera awaits!!

Back in January when I selected BRAVE as my 2019 word of the year, I had no idea that it would include stepping outside of my comfort zone and right onto a live TV set. But, earlier this week I made my television debut and I had a BLAST!

Hosts Heather Roberts and Tim Sinclair were super welcoming and made me feel very comfortable right from the beginning. If it weren't for the super bright lights and camera right in front of my face, I almost forgot that I was even being filmed!

As part of the segment I prepared a few exercises to demo with Heather and Tim. Because Blended Balance Fitness is centered around in-home personal training and workouts with minimal equipment, I thought resistance bands would be the perfect fit! I love these bands because they are small, easy to store and take with you if you're traveling. Plus they are fairly inexpensive #win. The bands are also fantastic because not only do they work the larger muscles in the body, they also target the smaller stabilizing muscles we need for balance and mobility.

I shared a couple upper body and one lower body exercises during the segment but today I want to share a full workout with you! The image below includes a complete lower body resistance band workout you can do anytime, anywhere!

The workout is styled as a 7-minute workout that you'll complete for three rounds. Thirty seconds of each move in the list than fifteen seconds rest before moving onto the next. For the squat, clam shell, squat jumps and deadlift the band will be just above the knee and for the side walks, kickbacks, hamstring curl, and sumo walk the band will be at ankle height. If you need any more direction for the moves, don't hesitate to send me a message!

If you don't already have some bands, I've included a link to the ones I have from Amazon!  

They look cute, but they make for a killer workout!

Interested in watching?! Check out the video below to watch my Blended Balance Fitness televison debut! You can also find the link to the story on the ciLiving website here.

Thanks again to Heather, Tim and ciLiving for having me on the show!! I hope to be able to join you again!