With all the COVID-19 closings, cancellations and general social distancing, heading to the gym might not be as simple as it had been just a week ago. While you might not be able to easily make it in to the gym, you can still get in a quick and effective workout right from your living room! And, making a point to get in your workout is just as important as ever! Moving your body, getting that heart rate up and working up a good sweat is a helpful boost for your immune system not to mention an excellent way to protect your mental health!

Today I'm sharing a few at-home workouts that I've recently written (and I will add a few more as I write them so bookmark this page and continue to check back!). If you find yourself stuck at home a little more over these next few weeks, feel free to leverage these workouts to help continue working towards your fitness goals. If you have any questions regarding details of the workouts, don't hesitate to reach out!

Keep on keeping on friends! This too shall pass but at least in the meantime, you can still get your sweat on!

Full Body EMOM Workout

Full Body AMRAP Workout

Core Focused Cardio

EMOM Core Focused Cardio 2

Full Body Cardio

Full Body Cardio Circuit

Go Fish Full Body Workout

Burpees Bonanza

1000 Rep Challenge

March Madness Bracket Workout

It's My Birthday! Workout

Climb the Ladder

Wear Out the Kiddos

1000/500/100 Rep Challenge

Full Body Pyramid Style Workout